United Healthcare Group Analysis Presentation

United Healthcare Group Analysis Presentation

United Healthcare Group Analysis Presentation

  • Complete the last two sections of the project: Funding Request, Recommendations & Conclusion
  1. Company analysis – Recommendations Based on your analysis, recommend to an investor if he/she should or should not invest in the company. Give specific reasons for your recommendation (consider financial, organization & industry). If the recommendation is to invest – what should the investor look for in the future – will the company or market grow? Is it a risky investment? How will the investor know when to sell the shares? If the recommendation is not to invest – what would have to change for the company or industry to become a good investment?


  1. The recommendations should be 250-500 words. Make sure that you anticipate questions and provide answers in this section
  2. Write a Conclusion The conclusion should remind the reader of the purpose of your paper and give the information that you said you were going to give when you wrote your introduction – the first place to begin is to review the introduction – does it still make sense? Does the conclusion you are writing “close the loop” for the reader?


Create10 minute PowerPoint presentation with a voice over

  • Using PowerPoint, create a 5-10 minute presentation based on your research and findings.
  • For the company analysis – you have 5-10 minutes to convince an investor to either invest or not invest in the company that you researched.


  • Be confident and be persuasive – you are the expert!
  • Do not use too many slides – 7-12 maximum.
  • Do not try to give too much information – the investor also has your paper to review.
  • Remember – less can be more so keep the slides simple, don’t use animations or fancy backgrounds – you want the investor to focus on the information and to make the decision that you suggest.