SOC 333 Selecting Research Approaches Recent

SOC 333 Selecting Research Approaches Recent

SOC 333 Selecting Research Approaches Recent

Selecting Research Approaches. This discussion will help you think about the varied research approaches and how they can be applied based on certain world views or the nature of the groups you wish to research. By choosing the best approach from the start, researchers are much more likely to get the best results to answer research questions. In your initial post, address the following:

Discuss the importance of the inductive approach in qualitative research. How does this approach differ from the deductive approach in quantitative research?

Explain how your philosophical worldview influence the types of research you are interested in conducting.



Of the four philosophical worldviews, which do you feel most fits with your own perspective to research?


How does the definition and description of research design differ from your initial perception of the concept?


If you were given a research study to complete in the Ashford online learning setting, which criterion/criteria would figure most prominently in your decision about the research approach to take? For example, is there anything about the mode of online learning or the demographic of the students which would work best with a certain research approach?

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper that assesses the impact of such a move on the locale and on Drotos Electronics.

Investigate issues, such as the increasing power of drug cartels, environmental impact, immigration and labor, the North American Free Trade Act, and the experience of globalization in Mexico and similar Latin American nations.

Answer the following question: Is globalization helping or hurting Hispanics?

Define the scope of the analysis by specifying the issue, discussing the affected groups, and identifying the experienced or expected effects.

Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of at least 10 slides that summarizes your team’s assessment of the effects of globalization on Hispanics. Include visuals and a narrative to summarize the scope of analysis, important arguments and explanations, and relevant examples, studies, theories, and statistics.

Address the following elements:

Explain cause-and-effect relationships of globalization by citing relevant examples, studies, theories, and statistics.

Identify points of contention about the effects of globalization, and evaluate the merits of supporting arguments or explanations.

Develop a sustained and coherent argument that supports Drotos Electronics’ plans to build operations in Mexico and the projected impact this will have on the area.