SOC 331 Week 2 Quiz Essay

SOC 331 Week 2 Quiz Essay

SOC 331 Week 2 Quiz Essay

Question : A neighborhood covenant prohibiting homeowners from making changes to their property without permission is an example of

Student Answer:

Retributive justice

Distributive justice

Commutative justice

Restorative justice


Question : For Aristotle, what was the most important political unit?

Student Answer:

The family

The state

The village

The household


Question : Which of the following values does the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys best exemplify?

Student Answer:

An excessive need for privacy.

An excessive need for autonomy.

Excessive hierarchy.

Excessive loyalty.


Question : Congress once ratified a treaty which declares that The United States of America is not founded on the Christian religion.

Student Answer:




Question : Of the following, which is one reason why crimes are tried by courts rather than by vigilantes?

Student Answer:

To avoid emotional reactions in the process of retributive justice.

To honor the constitutional right to trial by a jury of one’s peers.

To obey the constitutional prohibition of trial by one’s peers.

To permit emotional reactions within the confines of witness testimony.


Question : Concerning justice from the perspective of different levels of society, the most distinctive characteristic of a village compared with simpler communities is

Student Answer:

Its political purpose rather than its religious or familial purpose

Its retributive purpose rather than its political or religious purpose

Its familial purpose rather than its political or retributive purpose

Its commutative purpose rather than its political or familial purpose.


Question : The principle of stare decisis calls for judges to

Student Answer:

Act according to the original intent of the Constitution.

Treat like cases alike.

Recognize that the Constitution’s meaning evolves over time.

Acknowledge that, under the 14th Amendment, national rights in the United States trump states’ rights.


Question : What was the result of the Supreme Court’s decision in Loving v. Virginia?

Student Answer:

It upheld sodomy laws.

It overturned all sodomy laws.

It upheld anti-miscegenation laws.

It overturned all anti-miscegenation laws.


Question : Which of the following is NOT among the reasons identified for opposing same sex marriage?

Student Answer:

The Defense of Marriage Act (1996)

The long-standing tradition of heterosexual marriage

The alleged immorality of homosexuality

The danger of increased sexually transmitted diseases


Question : In 2012, a wage earner was considered to be living in poverty if his or her annual wages were any amount below

Student Answer: