SOC 320 Week 2 Journal Recent Essay

SOC 320 Week 2 Journal Recent Essay

SOC 320 Week 2 Journal Recent Essay

Reflections on Education Policy. For your journal entry, watch Changing Education Paradigms (the transcript is available for download in your online course), and then explore aspects of your personal experience and/or beliefs regarding significant public policies and what you have learned in this course. As you reflect this week, please discuss the following:

What is your reaction to the concepts and perspective presented in the video?

What are the current major issues relating to education?

Do you think every individual has the right to the same kind of education (i.e., academic versus vocational)? Explain why or why not.

In your informed opinion, who should be responsible for the provision of education: the federal or local government, or individual citizens? Explain why.

In your opinion, what needs to be done currently to improve our educational system?


Discuss one policy that you feel has been instrumental in making positive changes in the provision of education either nationally or locally. Be sure to explain your position in detail.

Question 1 Which of the following is not part of the iron triangle model? 

Question 2 The authors describe efficiency as

Question 3 According to the authors, public interest refers to 

Question 4 Which of the following is not a common feature of both republicanism and democracy? 

Question 5 Subgovernments include which of the following entities? 

Question 6 Rational-legal authority is derived from 

Question 7 Which of the following is a characteristic of New Federalism, which emerged after 1968? 

Question 8 Which of the following is described as an example of the movement of federal power into traditionally state level issues? 

Question 9 Political legitimacy can be described as the capability of the political system to 

Question 10 Characteristics of a trustee form of representation include which of the following?