SOC 305 Week 1 Quiz Recent

SOC 305 Week 1 Quiz Recent

SOC 305 Week 1 Quiz Recent

1. Question : The _________ is believed to report about three times more crime than the __________.
 2. Question : Judd is hungry. He sees a candy bar in a store, so he steals it. What theory of crime does his action most exemplify?
 3. Question : Which of the following is not an example of learning theory?
 4. Question : A researcher is embedded in a deployed military unit for several months to study criminal behavior during wartime. What kind of research method is this?
 5. Question : According to Sigmund Freud, the innate drive to be safe originates in our __________.
 6. Question : Deterrence tools are meant to be ____________.
 7. Question : As far as curbing recidivism, low-income and high-risk youth offenders have been found to benefit from __________ programs.


 8. Question : What legal action helped ease the sentencing disparity between white and minority offenders?
 9. Question : According to the author, what is the major disadvantage of the forfeiture system?
 10. Question : Dependent children whose mothers are in prison face all of the following challenges except:Race and Death Row. This discussion focuses on topics addressed in several chapters of your text – the death penalty and discrimination. Although first discussed in Chapter 2, the death penalty is also discussed in Chapter 4. Rather than thinking in rigid terms about reading assignments, please use your textbook as a resource. After reading the text and watching the video, Injustice for Blacks in Alabama, respond to each of the following questions:

a. What do you think best explains high incarceration rates for Blacks compared to their percent of the general population?

b. What do you think explains high incarceration rates for Blacks on death row?

c. Is institutionalized racism to blame for these disparate rates? Please explain.

d. Are genuinely high rates of Black crime to blame? Why or why not?

e. What other factors explain the high incarceration rates for Black men?

f. How can this problem be solved?