SOC 101 Week 5 Quiz Recent

SOC 101 Week 5 Quiz Recent

SOC 101 Week 5 Quiz Recent

1.         Question :        What is the most populous country in the world?

2.         Question :        When analyzing the list of Nobel peace prize winners, what trend is most apparent?

3.         Question :        Which is true about cities?

4.         Question :        Which of the following is NOT true about social movements?

5.         Question :        Wallerstein’s world systems theory promotes the view that

6.         Question :        Which nation is the most diverse?

7.         Question :        Which theory alleges that a society must become more technologically advanced in order to provide good lifestyles for its citizens?

8.         Question :        Around the world, the lives of indigenous people

9.         Question :        What is NOT true about multinational corporations?

10.          Question :           Thomas Malthus predicted which future for the world?


1.         Question :       The National Rifle Association, the American Association for Retired Persons, and the Tea Party are all

2.         Question :       Holistic health is a new form of medicine.

3.         Question :       Which of the following is NOT a common characteristic of people who file for bankruptcy?

4.         Question :       What sector of jobs transform raw materials into manufactured products, such as steel, cars, or computer chips?

5.         Question :       Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of bureaucratic organizations?

6.         Question :       Who receives the largest amount of welfare?

7.         Question :       A heredity based ruling system in which members of one powerful generation pass on their positions of leadership to the next is called which type of governmental system?

8.         Question :       Christianity is the world’s largest religion. What is the second largest religion?

9.         Question :       Networking has

10.       Question :       Are religious organizations bureaucracies?

1.         Question :       Who is called the Father of Sociology?

2.         Question :       You go shopping for a new outfit to wear to a special event because you want to impress others with your great sense of style. This is an example of what kind of behavior?

3.         Question :       While attending college you meet students from other countries and find that you have much in common with them. You develop lifelong friendships as a result. This is an example of a ________________ of education.

4.         Question :       Who is the father of Conflict Theory?

5.         Question :       “Having a pet will reduce stress.” What is the independent variable in this hypothesis?

6.         Question :       Who studied suicide and felt it was largely a product of social forces?

7.         Question :       What is the dependent variable in the hypothesis: “Second hand smoke may increase lung cancer.”?

8.         Question :       Applied research is a designed for a particular use, such as evaluating a program.

9.         Question :       Someone calls you on the phone and asks you who you are going to vote for. This is what kind of research?

10.       Question :       Which is the best type of literature for scholars to use?