SOC 101 Week 4 DQ 1 Current Social Issues Recent

SOC 101 Week 4 DQ 1 Current Social Issues Recent

SOC 101 Week 4 DQ 1 Current Social Issues Recent

Read Chapter Four of the text, Introduction to Sociology, and review the article, Overweight and Obesity, U.S. Obesity Trends. Answer the following questions from the text (page 183), Applying Sociology: Is Obesity Really a Problem?

  1. Why is obesity high in some states and not in others?
  2. Is overeating the only cause of rising obesity rates, or what other social factors could contribute to them?
  3. In the nature-nurture debate, do you think that people are the size they are because of genetics or because of lifestyle choices?


  4. 1.         Question :        A person is released from prison but a few

    months later gets arrested for committing another crime. This later   offense is known as:

    2.         Question :        The process by which people judge others based on standards that are relative to those in their own backgrounds is    called:

    3.         Question :        Ethnicity refers t

    4.         Question :        When a group is systematically denied access to the same goods, services, treatments and opportunities as those in the dominant group, they are thought to experience

    5.         Question :        A person who works a full time job at minimum wage who supports a spouse and two children will likely be

    6.         Question :        Studies indicate that

    7.         Question :        According to Merton’s strain theory, what type of person is a drug dealer?

    8.         Question :        Prejudice is an____________________ while discrimination is an________________.

    9.         Question :        Which of the following demographic characteristics is NOT linked to higher social rankings?

    10.       Question :        Which group is most likely to donate to charity?

    1.         Question :        According to Freud, in what part of the personality is your conscience located?

    2.         Question :        Preschoolers and young children are self-directed and seek to conform to group standards.

    3.         Question :        Classmates and co-workers are examples of which types of groups?

    4.         Question :        What stage do most adolescents experience, according to Erikson?

    5.         Question :        Domestic violence takes the form(s) of

    6.         Question :        Bullying is an example of

    7.         Question :        Research on spanking children has found that

    8.         Question :        Studies of feral children indicate that human contact

    9.         Question :        Studies of primate babies by the Harlows found that

    10.       Question :        Which is the more pervasive and long lasting personal trait?