SOC 100 Week 4 DQ Recent

SOC 100 Week 4 DQ Recent

SOC 100 Week 4 DQ Recent


Brainstorm questions, and create a 5- to 10-question survey to administer to team members’ coworkers or adult acquaintances.

·         The survey must allow the team to gather information about the effects and influence of neocolonialism, globalization, or multinational corporations.

·         Possible questions might focus on if and how, within the past 10 years, the target topic has affected or changed the survey participants’ personal relationships, work roles, statuses, identified social groups, cultures, the environment, and the economy.


Access a free survey site of your choice for examples and suggestions on survey templates and question types. The survey must contain at least one multiple choice question and at least one rating-scale question.

Ensure that your survey meets the following requirements. These are mandatory for all surveys:


·         All surveys must be administered to adult participants only. For purposes of sociological research, an adult is defined as an individual who is 18 years of age or older.

·         All students must perform a face-to-face survey interview with their respondents. Surveys are not to be administered online.

·         All students must access the UOP disclaimer and must print enough copies for the total number of participants.

·         All students must read and present the disclaimer document to be signed by the respondent prior to beginning the survey interview.

·         All surveys must begin with the following question: What is your age?

·         The interview must stop immediately if respondent is less than 18 years of age. If the respondent is 18 years of age or older, the interview may proceed.

Administer the approved survey to at least five adult acquaintances or coworkers.

Prepare a 500- to 1,000-word summary in which you present the data, a summary of the data results, and the Learning Team’s preliminary conclusions on the social effect of the target topic based on the survey results. Include the survey questions.

Utilize at least one reference and in-text citation in your paper.

Format the survey and paper consistent with APA guidelines