Sexuality Discussion Essay

Sexuality Discussion Essay

Sexuality Discussion Essay

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Subject of the paper: Psychology Sexuality

Requirement: In this final class paper, please address the following areas:
• How do you perceive sexuality? In what ways is your view of sexuality influenced by religion, other non-U.S. cultures, or the media?
• How have you been shaped by gender roles? Where did you pick up this information? What of this information do you pass on to your (possible) children? In what ways do you fit them? In what ways do you transcend them? What gender stereotypes do you hold? Would you like to change your gender stereotypes? Please explain the answer and if your answer is yes, what might help you to change them?
• Has your relationship with your own body changed throughout the semester? If so, how? Did covering the anatomy section bring any new awareness to your own body, that of your gender, or another gender? If so, how?

What are your primary communication patterns? What about your communication style already works for you? What suggestions from the book or discussed in class could you implement to improve your effectiveness in communication with others?
• In terms of your emotional honesty, what do you choose to say/reveal or keep hidden to “others” or yourself regarding your sexuality or feelings/thoughts and why?
• In what ways do you or do you not take responsibility for your pleasure?
• Using Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love, (page 207) what types of relationships do you tend to have? Is this healthy for you? If you would like to experience a different type of relationship than you have, please describe the personal work you would need to do to shift your relationship experience.
• What area of your sexuality are you most happy with? What is your greatest challenge in regards to sexuality and how will you address this challenge in the future?

+++ Forum Discussion (150 words, NO MORE):

Peruse and review the AASECT website. Are you interested in becoming an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist? Why or why not?

Other information: Feel free to include any other reflections or learning about your sexuality and relations with others and yourself that have occurred for you throughout the semester.
Your paper should be five pages long, double-spaced, it should have 1-inch margins, and 12 point font.



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