RES 320 Final Exam Guide Recent

RES 320 Final Exam Guide Recent

RES 320 Final Exam Guide Recent

Answer the Following True/False and Multiple Choice Question

1          Researchers who have strong opinions about the subject of a study are likely to do a better job of conducting the research.

2          Research may be used as a diagnostic tool to provide information about what is happening in the environment.

3          Basic research is research that:

A.        Addresses simple issues that are basic, in which research is not really needed.

B.        Attempts to expand the limits of knowledge for a discipline.

C.        Is conducted to make a decision about a specific real -life problem.

D.        All of the above.

4          Information that is not relevant to the decision at hand is called “incomplete.”

5          Information can be evaluated using which of the following characteristics?

A. Timeliness


C. quality

D. All of the above.

E. A & C above.

6          A company’s private data network, which offers information that is available only inside that organization, is called:

A. Electronic data interchange (EDI).

B. THE World Wide Web.

C. An Internet.

D. An Intranet.

E. Electronic mail.

7          Experiments hold the greatest potential for establishing cause-and-effect relationships.

8          An ethical researcher would inform respondents of deceptions used in a research project after the project was completed.

9          In exploratory research, the term pilot studies refer to a collective group of diverse techniques that will be conducted on a small scale.

10        A term for research procedures that test some sort of stimulus as a proxy for a new, revised, or remarketed product or service.

A. Experience survey

B. Situational analysis

C. Thematic apperception test

D. Concept test

11        Secondary data are gathered and recorded by someone prior to (and for purposes other than) the current needs of researchers.

12        Two major drawbacks of secondary data are determining the accuracy of the data and finding data that fit the specifications of the project.

13        The American Petroleum Institute is an example of:

A.        A commercial source of secondary data.

B.        One company that produces the National CREST Report.

C.        A trade association.

D.        A government source of secondary data.

14        Concerning data distributed by media, researcher should be aware that:

A. Data are copyrighted and thus of limited use.

B. They generally refer to product flows through retail outlets.

C. Data may cover only limited aspects of a topic.

D. Government regulations severely limit some forms of data.

E. All of the above.

15        When an interviewer’s presence influences a respondent to say he or she does not have cockroaches in his or her home (when he or she does), a social desirability bias has occurred.

16        High-cost, low standardization of questioning and limited geographic dispersion are disadvantages characteristic of ____________ surveys.

A.        Telephone

B.        Personal interview

C.        Mail

D.        None of the above.

17        The term mystery shopper is a form of scientifically contrived observations.

18        A distortion of measurement resulting from the cognitive behavior or actions of the witnessing observer is called observer bias.

19        At the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, floor tiles around the hatching-chick exhibit must be replaced every six weeks, while tiles in other areas need not be replaced for years.  This is an example of:

A.        Response latency.

B.        Physiological reactions.

C.        Physical trace evidence.

D.        Content analysis.

E.         None of the above.

20        Counterbalancing attempts to eliminate the confounding effects of order of presentation when subjects are exposed to two or more experimental treatments.

21        External validity refers to the question of whether the experimental treatment was the sole cause of observed changes in the dependent variable.

22        The type of scale utilized in marketing research will determine the form of the statistical analysis.

23        At the race track, to say that a winning ticket pays 40 to 1 for a winning bet indicates a ratio scale.

24        A measu


rement task that requires respondents to estimate the magnitude of a characteristic or quality that a brand, store, or object possesses is known as:

A.        Ranking

B.        Rating

C.        Sorting

D.        A choice technique

25        Pre-testing involves administering a sample of a questionnaire to a group of respondents before having them fill out the complete questionnaire.

26        The order of questions in a survey is a potential source of bias.

27        Before a questionnaire can be constructed, the researcher must consider:

A.        Analytical techniques and data analysis to be used.

B.        The communication medium of data collection

C.        The type of information needed.

D.        All of the above.

E.         None of the above.

28        A hypothesis is a proposition formulated for empirical testing; a tentative descriptive statement that describes the relationship between two or more variables.

29        If graphic representations of data are well done, they should not need to be interpreted in the text.

30        If you wanted to present a great deal of numerical information, you might decide to use a:

A.        Pie chart.

B.        Table.

C.        Descriptive statistical array.

D.        Line graph.

E.         Bar chart.