Purdue University Gluteal Region Dissection

Purdue University Gluteal Region Dissection

Purdue University Gluteal Region Dissection

make sure you include the tools that used in the dissection

You can treat it as a journal entry where you both describe the process (incision and tools) and structures found. If it helps, you can think of it like you’re passing on these lab notes as a guide for the next person who will take this class. Just ensure that it is well written and that you cover all the structures in the region of your choice. ,You will complete a short, 500-word summary of the dissection procedures for any one/two dissections completed in this course. This can be treated as a professional journal-style entry that simply summarizes the steps in those two dissections.

1- spinal cord and laminectomy

2- Gluteal region



Dissection of the Anterior and Medial Thigh; Anterior and Lateral Leg and Dorsum of the Foot



The dissection process starts by doing an incision using a surgical blade at the level of lingual ligament form the lateral to medial aspect. Next, we do a shallow midline incision along the front of anterior thigh. The incision needs to be superficial in order to be able to identify some vessel that are located superficially like the superficial fibular nerve. The next step is do an incision on the anterior leg. The incision should align with the tibial ridge at the front of tibia in order to maintain all structures. A horizonal incision is done at the end of the knee. Another horizontal incision made at the superior extensor retinaculum. The skin is reflected back and slowly opened by cutting the attachment between the skin and superficial fascia. The extra pieces of superficial fascia in removed by scissors to uncover the superficial muscles. The longitudinal incision is continued upwards toward the knee to meet the incision on the anterior thigh.


The incision is extended into the dorsum of the foot until the upper level of meta tarsals. We do another horizontal incision in the dorsum of the foot that align with the upper line of meta carpel to be able to reflect the skin backwards.


The Laminectomy

The dissection starts by exposing the erector spinae muscle on the two sides of the spinous processes. First, we palpate though the spinal process right down the midline of the back. Then a horizontal cut is made in the middle of erector spinae muscle to reflect them back be able to better see spinal processes. The bony area of the vertebra lamina should be muscle clean and clear in order to break through it. Hammer and chisel is used to break through the lamina. We angle the chisel at 45 degree pointing toward the lamina of the vertebrae and tap the chisel with the hammer subtle consecutive taps. We start from about the level of inferior attachment of the splenius to the mid lumbar vertebrae. After dapping along the mentioned distance, the vertebrae transvers is now removed and spinal cord in now visible. The layer surrounding the spinal cord is called the dura mater. Using scissors, we cut through the dura mater to get a better view of the spinal cord.