Purdue Global University Web Based EHR Presentation Assignment

Purdue Global University Web Based EHR Presentation Assignment

Purdue Global University Web Based EHR Presentation Assignment

Unit Outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

  • Reflect on the continuing progression of the EHR and how it impacts HIM professions.

Course Outcome(s) assessed/addressed in this Assignment:

HI300-6: Describe the use of electronic health records in patient care.


For this Assignment you will discuss your experience using a Web-based EHR. You will design and construct a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation that will be presented in a training session for new HIT students coming into your facility. Please include the following topics in your presentation:


  • Describe your experience with the Web-based EHR.
  • Discuss the possible challenges one would face to convince healthcare providers to use this
    type of EHR.
  • What features did you see in the EHR that were helpful?
  • How could other facilities benefit from these features?
  • What impressed you about the Web-based EHR?
Unit 10 Assignment Rubric
Instructors: to complete the rubric, please enter the points the student earned in the green cells of column D.
Then determine point deductions for writing, late policy, etc in the red cells to calculate the final grade.
Assignment Requirements Points possible Points earned by student
Outlines experience using the free Web-based EHR. 0-20
Justifies the reasoning of standards for the electronic health record. 0-20
Explains the interesting features of the EHR. 0-20
Explains the features of the EHR worth sharing with other providers. 0-20
Discussed the challenges faced from providers about this type of EHR system. 0-20
Total (Sum of all points) 100 0
*Writing Deductions (Maximum 30% from points earned): Points indicated below represent the maximum point deduction possible for each of the listed writing criteria
Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling: 30% 0
Order of Ideas/Length requirement (if applicable): 30% 0
Format 10% 0
*Source citations 30% 0
Late Submission Deduction: (refer to Syllabus for late policy)
Adjusted total points 0
*If sources are not cited and work is plagiarized, grade is an automatic zero and further action may take place in accordance with the Academic Integrity Policy as described in the university catalog. Final Percentage 0%