PSY 430 Working in Teams Worksheet (Custom Work)

PSY 430 Working in Teams Worksheet (Custom Work)

PSY 430 Working in Teams Worksheet (Custom Work)

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Complete the Working in Teams Worksheet.

Part 1: Team and Group Differences

Address each of the following in 90 to 175 words. Provide citations for all sources you use.

  1. Using Table 1.2, “Organization of People Into Work Groups,” in Ch. 1 of Group Dynamics for Teams, examine the three options for organizing people into groups and teams, identifying the differences between groups and teams and explaining their differences. Provide citations in APA format for any additional sources you reference.


Part 2: Stages of Team Development

Read the following organizational team scenario:

Team Dynamic has been assigned the task of developing a handbook for newly hired employees. The team consists of four members: Robert, Maya, Lee, and Sarah. Team Dynamic has held three meetings so far, but constant disagreements among members are keeping the group from accomplishing the work it set out to do.

All four team members actively participate in each meeting. The first meeting went smoothly, as everyone introduced themselves, and the team had a discussion about the general direction for the handbook. However, the second and third meetings were extremely unproductive

  • Robert is very friendly and considerate, but he is so focused on how the team works together that it is getting in the way of completing work tasks.
  • Maya comes to team meetings with reports full of useful information, but she is so focused on the data that she does not listen to what the other team members have to say.
  • Lee is great at bringing up issues that no one else has thought of, but he continually halts any progress by disagreeing with everyone else on the team.
  • Sarah is always willing to pitch in wherever she is needed to try to move the team forward in completing the handbook, but her focus is always on the end goal of completing the handbook, and her work on tasks is often lower quality than what the team expects.

Write a 90- to 175-word response to each of the following questions.

Note: To answer these questions, you must begin by analyzing how each team member in the scenario performs at each stage of Tuckman’s group development model (Table 3.1 in Ch. 3 of Group Dynamics for Teams). Provide citations in APA format for any additional sources you reference.


  1. How can the stages of group development be used to provide additional insight on why the team is not functioning effectively? What stage is the group currently in?
  2. What can be done to increase the effectiveness of some of the team members?


  1. Think carefully about the formation of your Learning Teams. What is your style of team contribution? Describe your behavior in a previous team experience that illustrates your personal style or contribution to the formation of and function in the team.