Psy 335 Week 1 Assignment Research Development Paper

Psy 335 Week 1 Assignment Research Development Paper

Psy 335 Week 1 Assignment Research Development Paper

Psy 335 Week 1 Assignment Research Development Paper 

Description:Watch The “Attention And Consciousness-Unlearning Through Hypnosis” Video Located In This Week’selectronic Reserve Readings.Write A 700- To 1,050-Word Paper Covering The Following:

• What Was The Purpose Of This Study?

• How Does This Study Apply To The Real World?

• If You Were Doing The Next Step In This Study, Which Research Question Would You Develop? How Could

You Test It?

• How Could You Apply The Steps Of The Scientific Method To Test Your Hypothesis?

 Format Your Paper Consistent With Apa Guidelines.Click The Assignment Files Tab To Submit Your Assignment.


Watch The “Nonexperimental Research Methods In Psychology” Video Located In This Week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. Complete The  Material: Descriptive Methods Worksheet. Click The Assignment Files Tab To Submit Your Assignment

Psy 335 Week 3 Assignment Methods Paper


Write A 1,050- To 1,400-Paper Discussing The Methods Of Your Proposal From Week Two. Include The Following In Your Paper:

• An Explanation Of Your Sampling Method

• Whether You Will Be Using Descriptive Or Inferential Statistics

• Definitions Of Your Variables

• An Explanation Of How You Will Operationalize The Variables

1.      When We Perform An Experiment, We

2.      The Control Group In An Experiment

3.      In Research On The Decompression Of Pregnant Rats, The Independent Variable Is ______, A Dependent Variable Is ________, And A Control Variable Is _______________.

4.      In Experiments, Independent Variables Are

5.      Dependent Variables Are

6.      One Reason A Valid Experiment May Produce Null Results Is

7.      In Experiments, The Independent Variable Should Be _________, The Dependent Variable Should Be __________, And The Control Variable Should Be ________.

8.      An Interaction Occurs When

9.      Which Of The Following Is An Example Of The Hawthorne Effect?

10.  A Variable That Inadvertently Causes An Experimental Result Is

11.  Construct Validity Permits One To Do Which Of The Following?

12.  Which Of The Following Is A Source Of Construct Invalidity?

13.  If A Study Has External Validity, One Is Entitled To

14.  Internal Validity Allows One To Do Which Of The Following?

15.  Which Of The Following Is The Most Likely To Have The Greatest Internal Validity?

16.  Test Reliability Determined By A Correlation Between Scores From The Same Test Taken At Two Different Times Is Called

17.  Statistical Reliability Determines Whether Results

18.  Which Of The Following Is A Major Threat To Internal Validity?

19.  A Type Of Validity That Is Specifically Concerned With Being Able To Make Causal Statements About Relationships Between Variables Is _______________ Validity.

20.  A Replication Of Research Helps To Determine ______________ Validity.