PSY 320 Week 3 DQs Recent

PSY 320 Week 3 DQs Recent

PSY 320 Week 3 DQs Recent

What are the various rewards available in today’s workplace, at the company level, and at the manager-to-employee level?

How can you assess employee needs to tailor effective rewards?

What are the considerations when rewarding an individual as opposed to a work team?

How can intrinsic motivators and extrinsic rewards blend to maximize productivity?


Job Redesign Paper. Prepare a 1400-1750 word assessment focusing on a selected job or department in your company in regard to the system of goal-setting, performance evaluation, and workplace rewards which impact productivity both positively and negatively and job satisfaction (as related to the selected job or department.) Be sure to address the following:
1. Identify the current major components, tasks, or responsibilities of the selected position. Does the job currently allow any self-management or sense of choice? Does the position cultivate a sense of intrinsic motivation?
2. Briefly discuss what company-wide rewards (e.g., bonus plans and/or profit-sharing) and one-to-one rewards (e.g., praise and/or recognition) currently exist. Examine and evaluate if these rewards are effective (or are not effective) in motivating behavior for this position.
3. Identify how goals are used at your company with regard to the selected position. Be sure to consider what kinds of goals are set, how the goals are set, and if the goal system is effective for this position.

What factors do you consider when setting a goal (e.g., organization’s needs, time, resources, employee sophistication, and the job need)?

How can someone synthesize the tenets of goal theory into effective workplace goal-setting applications?

Describe the Reactance Theory and explain why people sometimes do precisely the opposite of what they were told to do?

What are two specific situations or ways of behavior that illustrate dissonance-arousing circumstances? Explain and define cognitive dissonance.