PSY 265 Week 4 DQ 2

PSY 265 Week 4 DQ 2

PSY 265 Week 4 DQ 2

What are three components of attractiveness? Which of the three is most important to you? Why did you choose this factor? Consider, as you respond to your classmates’ posts, how their responses have had an effect on your views about attractiveness. Fill out the following chart (this chart CANNOT be found under class materials)


How do you think historical and scientific perspectives on homosexuality may have shaped the way gay individuals perceive themselves? According to:
The historical perspective
The cross-cultural and cross-species perspective
Biological and psychological perspectives

Explain the process of “coming out” and adjusting as a gay individual.

Discuss the lifestyle differences between gay males and lesbians.

Bell and Weinberg (1978) found that about 75% of couples they studied could be classified according to one of five lifestyles. Please list and discuss these 5 lifestyles.    1.

Answer: how have historical and scientific perspectives reflected on your sexual orientation?

Post your chart as an attachmentAnswer the following questions.

What sexual techniques are discussed in the chapter readings?

What are the roles and connections between kissing, touching and foreplay?

What are some of the different viewpoints and levels of acceptance regarding masturbation?CheckPoint: Methods of Contraception

Read the scenarios and answer the questions that follow.

Tina and Dan are considering various birth control methods. They are a newly-married couple who practiced abstinence before marriage and plan on starting their family within a year.

Choose possible methods of contraception for the couple and discuss the advantages and disadvantages they would need to consider at this point in their lives.

Linda is a young single woman with an active dating life. She chooses to be intimate only with long-term committed partners. She is wary of the risks associated with sexually transmitted infections and has decided that she does not want to be a single parent.

Choose possible methods of contraception for Linda and discuss the advantages and disadvantages she should consider at this point in her life.

Describe the male partner’s role in choosing birth control in both of these scenarios.