PSY 211 Week 5 Knowledge Check Recent

PSY 211 Week 5 Knowledge Check Recent

PSY 211 Week 5 Knowledge Check Recent

1.A tendency to judge people, objects, or issues in a certain way.

A. Attribution

B. Conflict

C. Attitude

D. Objectivity

2.Jerry hates wearing ties because he thinks they are uncomfortable. At his new job,

however, he is expected to wear a tie every day, so he does. His tie wearing behavior is

the result of ______.


A. social influence

B. informational social influence

C. normative social influence

D. conformity influence

3.Carlie witnesses a man trip and get injured on the sidewalk. She sees there are a dozen

other people around and decides to keep moving. What influenced her decision?

A. The diffusion of responsibility

B. Deindividuation

C. Social-responsibility norm

D. Altruism

4.Prince is doing a group presentation with eight people in her class. Since so many people

are on the team, he does not feel much pressure to work his best. What may have

influenced his work ethic?

A. Deindividuation

B. Social facilitation

C. Group polarization

D. Social loafing

5.Clark has a huge New Year’s brunch every year. He only sends invitations to those who

have invited him to a party in the last year. Clark’s invitations are influenced by ______.

A. altruism

B. reciprocity norm

C. social responsibility norm

D. informational social influence

Write at least 350 words in which you consider personality. In your paper, include the following:

  • Describe the different perspectives (psychoanalytic, humanistic, trait, social cognitive, and biological) of personality
  • Is personality permanent or changeable?  Explain.

Format your paper in APA style using the APA Paper Template: 100-299 and the Undergraduate (Course numbers 200-299) Writing & Style Guidelines.  Both resources can be accessed here: Library tab > Center for Writing Excellence > Tutorials and Guides > Writing & Style Guidelines (APA) > Undergraduate. 

Please use the course textbook and other course materials as your primary sources of information for this assignment.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

(Revised from Learn Psychology, Ch. 13)