PSY 205 Week 5 Aging Worksheet (2 Set) Recent

PSY 205 Week 5 Aging Worksheet (2 Set) Recent

PSY 205 Week 5 Aging Worksheet (2 Set) Recent

PSY 205 Week 5 Aging Worksheet
Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Aging Worksheet.
Aging Worksheet

In the following chart, name a positive (Good News) and a negative (Bad News) aspect of aging for each developmental area.
Developmental Area    Good News    Bad News

Answer the following questions in 200-300 words each:

1.    What strategies would you recommend to mitigate the negative aspects of aging?

1.    What have you learned from this assignment and the text about the positive aspects of aging?


PSY 205 Week 4 Emerging Adulthood and Culture
Find and watch three videos on emerging adulthood in different cultures in the University Library.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper discussing the following:
What is the meaning of emerging adulthood?
What are the expectations for an emerging adult in your culture?
Compare and contrast the expectations and roles of an emerging adult in the different cultures.
What are the implications of the transition on middle adulthood?
PSY 205 Week 4 Personal Milestone Flowchart
Create a flowchart using Microsoft® Word or any other application.
Include the following:
Major milestones and experiences in your life from early to middle adulthood: Project possible events if middle adulthood has not been reached.
At least three milestones and experiences in the physical, cognitive, and socioemotional developmental areas
Write a 200- 300 word summary discussing the following:
Which of these milestones and experiences have had the greatest effect on your relationships and in what ways?
PSY 205 Week 5 Aging Journal Entry
Write a 350- to 700-word journal entry to discuss aging.

Include the following:
Discuss the fears you have about aging.
Discuss how you would change society’s views of aging to prevent ageism as you get older.