PSY 203 Week 5 Review Worksheet Recent

PSY 203 Week 5 Review Worksheet Recent

PSY 203 Week 5 Review Worksheet Recent

Complete the Week 5 Review Worksheet.

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Week 5 Review Worksheet

Answer the following questions in 90 to 175 words each.

Select two categories of psychological disorders, and outline the main symptoms associated with each disorder.

Choose and describe two treatment options for psychological disorders.

What are the components of social perceptions? How do they affect human behavior?

What are some effects of group influences on human behavior, especially in the workplace?

Describe organizational culture. Why is understanding this important when managing complex organizational problems, including group performance and high-level decision making?


Psychodynamic Theories
Complete the following table.
Theorist Main tenets of theory Unique contributions Limitations and criticisms
Defense Mechanisms

Match the example with the appropriate defense mechanism.
______A woman is involved in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down, but she cannot remember any details of the accident.
______Taking a test makes me nervous, so I bite my nails.
______My boss yelled at me at work today, and it made me very upset. I went home and ended up yelling at my spouse that night.
______Even though I drink alcohol every day, I am not an alcoholic.
______I hate Alex, but I am overly nice and friendly when interacting with him at work.
______I broke up with my boyfriend, but I am fine with it because he was a loser anyway.
______I am convinced my husband is cheating on me, even though I am the one who frequently thinks about cheating on him.
______I am very frustrated at work and just want to scream, but instead I go to the gym and work out my frustration on the treadmill.
Reaction formation
Psychosexual Stages of Development
Fill in the appropriate psychosexual stage for the following descriptions.
The _______ stage focuses on mature sexual relationships.
A third grader still sucks their thumb. They may have a(n) _______ fixation.
An adult who exhibits a lack of self-discipline and messiness may have struggled with toilet training. This person may have experienced difficulty in the _______ stage
A child tends to prefer the parent of the opposite sex and views the same-sex parent as a threat. This conflict occurs in the _______ stage
Children tend to focus on peer relationships with same sex-friends and other nonsexual activities. This behavior occurs in the _______ stage.
Stress and Coping
Consider the following scenario:
You have unexpectedly lost your job due to layoffs at your company and are the sole provider for your family. You are worried about how you will pay your bills and support your family during this time.
Write 175 to 260 words analyzing how stress can affect you physically and mentally, and identify which coping strategies you may use to work through this situation.
Describe three effective stress-management techniques.
Personality Testing
Write 175 to 260 words describing the main aspects of personality testing.