PSY 202 Week 4 Quiz Recent

PSY 202 Week 4 Quiz Recent

PSY 202 Week 4 Quiz Recent

1.         Question :        During a routine eye examination, Don was told that he has increased pressure in his eye. He has been diagnosed with

 2.        Question :        Cathy is experiencing menopause. According to the popular definition, this means she has not experienced a menstrual period for:

 3.        Question :        Paulina has high cholesterol and wants to reduce her chances of having cardiovascular disease. When going out to eat at the local diner, which is the best menu item for her to order?

  4.       Question :        Boris and Natasha just dropped off their last child at college. As they left the campus Natasha turned to Boris and exclaimed, “Woo Hoo! Time to celebrate our independence!” Her reaction

  5.       Question :        Beginning in his 50s, Sako began to have difficulty urinating and has been waking up at night to make frequent trips to the bathroom. Sako’s most likely diagnosis is


 6.        Question :        In general, children of gay and lesbian parents show deficits in ___________________ development.

 7.        Question :        Veronica had her first child at age 21 and Betty had her first at age 33. Their timing of childbearing and their shared experiences regarding things like family health and support illustrate a:

  8.       Question :        43-year-old Sima and her 44-year-old husband Benik have three children. They spend their free time coaching soccer, volunteering at their children’s school, and often think about the importance of planning for their childrens’ college educations. According to Erikson, Sima and Benik are experiencing

  9.       Question :        Which of the following pairs of conditions share the same causal factors due to secondary aging?

 10.      Question :        Trish is approaching middle adulthood. She makes a point to exercise regularly and maintain a diet high in calcium. Evidence shows these behaviors will reduce her risk of