PSY 202 Week 3 Quiz Recent

PSY 202 Week 3 Quiz Recent

PSY 202 Week 3 Quiz Recent

1.         Question :       The leading cause of death for African-American women in their 30s is

  2.       Question :       Orlando and Inez never really exercise. Research tells us that they are at lower risk for

 3.        Question :       The leading cause of death for young adults is

 4.        Question :       Jordan and Dominique met at work and it appears that they are falling in love. For the last few months they have usually had lunch together. They both express a feeling of “tingles” whenever they are together. Sternberg would describe them as experiencing________________ love.

 5.        Question :       According to your text, marijuana has been successfully used to treat

 6.        Question :       The percentage of alcohol in your blood is called the


 7.        Question :       Choose the BEST question to ask of someone (including yourself) to determine if there is an addiction problem.

 8.        Question :       Ariana and Travis are planning on living together before getting married. The term that psychologists use for this behavior is

 9.        Question :       Find the statement that generally describes adult friendships of women and men.

 10.      Question :       Which of the following is NOT considered a typical serving of alcohol?

Review the “Big Five” traits related to personality and think about the interaction model. Tip: Take a moment to score yourself using the Big Five personality traits on a piece of paper or a Word document prior to answering this discussion. 

  • How would you score yourself on each of them?
  • How do you think that your partner, best friend, or close family member (chose one) would score on each? 
  • Are there differences between your close relationships and your own traits that may lead to problems?
  • Are there similarities that may increase the strength of the relationship?

Properly paraphrase content related to this discussion from Adult Development and Lifetime Assessment or another source from the Ashford Online Library in your initial response, and include at least one in-text citation and a reference in APA formatting at the end of the post. Please be sure to highlight the citation in yellow. Remember, the citation is included in your content and the reference is added at the bottom of your post. Using the toolbar on the textbox window, highlight the citation in yellow. Review the PSY202: Writing Resource for an example