PSY 110 Week 5 Building Networks Recent

PSY 110 Week 5 Building Networks Recent

PSY 110 Week 5 Building Networks Recent

This assignment is a way for you to bring together all you have learned in the course. Through all the course’s learning activities and assignments you have been learning important tools and strategies to keep you moving forward and juggling life, in general. This assignment, in particular, will help you to explain how the skills and strategies you are learning can help you with academic and professional networking!

Review Ch. 3 and 6 this week. A quick review of Ch. 3 on notetaking can help you with help with brainstorming for this final assignment. Ch. 6 on careers can help provide you with ideas for needed resources.

Remember to take time to review your assignments from the last four weeks.


Review and reflect on what you have learned about the following five categories of questions listed below.

Using Microsoft® Word, provide an explanation that responds to each of the following five categories. Your word count should be between 250 to 350 words for each category.

Information Competency (250 to 350 words)

 Think about your profession, and identify at least one industry or professional organization you would like to join. What is that organization? How can joining this organization benefit you in terms of networking? How do you think it can help you maintain or improve your skills? Why?

 What kinds of portfolio items can you collect that will help you develop a professional network? Why do you think these will help?

 How can social media help you develop an academic or professional network? What sites do you think would be helpful? Why?


Learning Skills Reflection (250 to 350 words)

• What stress and time management strategies do you think you can use when juggling school, personal life, and your networking?
• What have you discovered about your learning style(s)? How do you think you can use your personal styles to develop an academic or professional network?

Thinking and Problem Solving (250 to 350 words)

• What are some strategies to help you problem solve in both your academic and professional networking?

• Identify at least one person who could potentially be a mentor for you in your career. Why and how do you think this person will be able to help you grow? 

• How can you continue to examine your career goals over time? How can you stay current in terms of assessing career opportunities? What would you do if you want to change your mind from one career path to another?

Grit and Growth Mindset (250 to 350 words)

• What strategies will you use to keep up your motivation to network when life’s challenges come up and try to distract you from your networking goals?

Utilization of Support Mechanisms (250 to 350 words)

• How can job sites be part of a professional network?

• How could an internship or shadowing a professional help you build a professional network? What are some academic associations or school clubs that can be useful in creating an academic network? How could faculty members be useful in creating an academic network?