PSY 110 Week 4 Working in Diverse Groups Recent

PSY 110 Week 4 Working in Diverse Groups Recent

PSY 110 Week 4 Working in Diverse Groups Recent

Working in Diverse Groups

This week is about working in diverse groups and developing cultural competence that can help you in many scenarios.
Imagine now that you have found a job opening that is looking for someone to join its diverse team. To narrow down candidates for the job, the description says candidates should be prepared to explain in a brief presentation their knowledge of how they work with others.
Read Ch. 9: Diversity and Relationships to review strategies that will help prepare you for this assignment.
Hint: The Connect Activities in the recommended section of this week can also help you to learn more.

Working in Diverse Groups

Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that allows you to showcase your knowledge about working in diverse groups to a potential employer.

Make sure to read the information in Chapter 9 of P.O.W.E.R. Learning and Your Life. (Hint: The Connect Activities in the recommended section of this week can also help you to learn more.)

A further review of Chapter 1 and Chapter 8 will help you to recall what you discovered about your learning style and how to solve problems.

Here is a guideline for developing your presentation:

1. The first slide should be a title slide for the presentation.


2. An introduction slide should come after the title slide. This slide should allow you to introduce the topics you will be discussing.

3. For the next two to three slides, discuss what topics from Weeks 1 through 3 that might help you when working in diverse groups. For example, you could talk about learning styles, and how that might impact your work in a group or work assignment versus in an individual assignment. (Tip: Think about information that was covered in Week 2 when covering this portion.)

4. For your next two to three slides, explain how developing cultural competence can be useful to you when working with others in school? How can it be advantageous in the workplace? What two or three strategies can you use to become more culturally competent? (Tip: Refer to the section, “Developing Cultural Competence” in Chapter 9.)

5. For your next two to three slides, explain what your course text says about diversity, and how that plays a role in building relationships? (Tip: Refer to the section, “Building Lasting Relationships in Chapter 9.)

6. After the body of the presentation, you will need to develop a conclusion slide. This should wrap up yourpresentation, so that your audience (a potential interviewer in this case) will be reminded of your key points.

Note: For help withPowerPoint®”, refer to “How to Create a PowerPoint®” located in Materials for this assignment (on the right side of the classroom in the assignment view).

In the meantime, here are some tips:

•        Organize the slides with bullet points and use the notes sections for comments that should accompany/explain each slide.

•        Keep in mind that when you are putting together a presentation, your slides should follow the 6:6 rule – there should be no more than 6 bullet points per slide, with about 6 word per bullet point. That means that the majority of the information in your slideshow will be in the notes section.

•        It is important to remember that the slideshow is clear and logically organized; whether the notes section is used effectively; incorporates effective design elements (font headings, spacing, color); whether the slideshow is functional (including working audio clips, visual components and links) and whether grammar, usage, spelling and punctuation follow standard American English.