PSY 105 Quiz 9 (2) Recent

PSY 105 Quiz 9 (2) Recent

PSY 105 Quiz 9 (2) Recent

  • Question 1


Ralph’s performance won a prize in a music competition. According to the self-serving bias, what reason is Ralph most likely to give?
  • Question 2


The process of attribution would apply most directly to which of these questions?
  • Question 3


Suppose you have just said you like a certain brand of breakfast cereal, but you really hate it. According to cognitive dissonance theory, in which of these situations should produce the least change in your attitude toward the cereal?
  • Question 4


Which of the following speakers is most likely to change the attitudes of members of an audience?
  • Question 5


Lisa expected to get a grade of C on her exam, but received a grade of A. Ralph was sitting next to Lisa and just happened to ask her out for a date after she had received her grade. Lisa responded by
  • Question 6


Advertisements that are designed to sell by having a “star” endorse the products are using the __________ route to persuasion.
  • Question 7


You don’t put much faith in the movie reviews in the paper, but when everyone you talk to agrees that a new movie is terrific you decide to see it. The factor that convinced you is


If you claim to believe in something, but your actions contradict this belief, it is referred to as
  • Question 9


Lasting evaluations of various aspects of the social world are called
  • Question 10


Cognitive rules-of-thumb we create for making judgments or decisions very quickly are called
  • Question 11


The correspondence bias is the tendency to explain the behavior of others in terms of __________ causes.
  • Question 12


A type of social influence in which individuals change their attitudes or behavior in order to adhere to existing social norms is known as
  • Question 13


An effort to increase your appeal to a target person before you ask that person to grant a request is called