PSY 105 Quiz 4 Recent

PSY 105 Quiz 4 Recent

PSY 105 Quiz 4 Recent

  • Question 1


Research indicates that __________ levels of __________ is associated with greater likelihood of adhering to a treatment regimen.
  • Question 2


The field that combines behavioral and biomedical knowledge for the prevention and treatment of medical disorders is
  • Question 3


The alarm, resistance, and exhaustion stages in reaction to stress make up what is called the
  • Question 4


A major feature of stress is that
  • Question 5


Carcinogens are
  • Question 6


Growing evidence suggests that in order to be effective in reducing the spread of AIDS, educational programs must provide not only information but also
  • Question 7


Which of the following is most likely to have contributed to recent changes in the leading causes of death?
  • Question 8


One of the reasons that even mild stress could interfere with task performance is that such stress could
  • Question 9


As a result of continued stress, you seem to catch every flu bug that comes around. Which stage of the general adaptation syndrome are you most likely to be experiencing?
  • Question 10


Studies of the role of television in promoting healthy lifestyles indicates that
  • Question 11


Recent research suggests that __________ play(s) a role in excessive drinking of alcohol.
  • Question 12


The role of parents and peers in influencing the tendency of an adolescent’s to smoke is an example of a
  • Question 13


People who have AIDS eventually die from
  • Question 14


Research indicates that most people who undergo sex change operations
  • Question 15


A pattern of grandiosity in fantasy or behavior (plus lack of empathy) characterizes __________ disorder.
  • Question 16


A disorder that involves alternating episodes of binge eating followed by various forms of compensatory behavior designed to avoid weight gain is called
  • Question 17


Disturbances of an individual’s behavioral or psychological functioning that are not culturally expected and that lead to psychological distress, behavioral disability, and/or impaired overall functioning are known as
  • Question 18


The risk of suicide is greatest for individuals with the mental disorder of
  • Question 19


The most common perceptual distortions experienced by schizophrenics are __________ hallucinations.
  • Question 20


A child with __________ will have difficulty paying attention to stimuli, may show hyperactivity or impulsivity, or both.
  • Question 21


A major type of schizophrenia characterized by an absence of affect, poorly developed delusions and verbal incoherence is known as __________ schizophrenia.
  • Question 22


In the DSM-IV, symptoms that must be present before an individual is diagnosed as suffering from a particular problem are called
  • Question 23


Lisa adopts ritualistic behaviors to help reduce anxiety that occurs when unwanted thoughts intrude into her awareness. This is an example of
  • Question 24


When a person experiences intense anxiety, considerably greater than justified by reality, triggered by the presence of some particular object, the person is suffering from a
  • Question 25


A disorder involving the sudden inability to recall large amounts of personally important information, usually triggered by a traumatic experience is
  • Question 26


One goal of the DSM-IV is to
  • Question 27


The defense mechanism of rationalization involves
  • Question 28


With regard to the relative effectiveness of various types of psychotherapy, research has generally determined that


Having children who show high levels of aggressive behavior watch films of children behaving in a nonaggressive manner is an attempt to change their behavior through
  • Question 30


A defense mechanism that channels unacceptable impulses into a socially acceptable action is called
  • Question 31


Lithium is used to treat
  • Question 32


According to Freud, mental disorders stem from conflicts between
  • Question 33


Problems of __________ are the number one cause of difficulties in marriages.
  • Question 34


One possible side effect of the extended use of antipsychotic drugs is __________, the loss of motor control, especially in the face.
  • Question 35


Drugs that are prescribed for the purpose of treating schizophrenia are called
  • Question 36


Recent findings (Hooley, 2004) indicate that patients who return to families with high levels of expressed emotion are __________ times as likely to suffer relapses than families where expressed emotion levels are low.
  • Question 37


Which of the following is most often associated with client-centered therapy?
  • Question 38


Modeling, a behavior therapy technique, has been shown to be especially effective in the treatment of __________.
  • Question 39


Which of these is a belief common to all humanistic therapies?