PSY 104 Assignment Physical Development Activities Recent

PSY 104 Assignment Physical Development Activities Recent

PSY 104 Assignment Physical Development Activities Recent

In a 3 to 4 page paper (excluding title and reference pages, explain the role of genetics in development.  How do genes of the two parents influence the traits of an offspring?  Include an examination of how abnormalities can contribute to genetic and /or chromosomal disorders.  In your paper, you must include at least one of the following genetic and/or chromosomal disorders mentioned in the reading:

•   Sickle cell disease

•   Huntington’s disease

•   Tay-Sachs disease

•   Down syndrome

•   Klinefelter’s syndrome

•   Turner syndrome

•   Cystic fibrosis

Include an introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion.  Be sure to include at least 3 APA cited sources in addition to your textboo


Watch each required video,Child Develoment MilestonesandHow I Learn. Relate the developmental milestones in the videos to your reading in the textbook. Assess critical periods in the cognitive and psychosocial development of children from birth to 3 years of age.  If a parent of a 2-year old child asked you what to do because the child was not speaking in sentences like their older sibling did, what advice would you give the parent? Why would you give this specific advice?  What other explanations might be given in this situation and why would you choose to not provide those to the parent?

Based upon your readings from the course materials and your own independent research, discuss three research findings related to development from conception to 2 years of age. Relate these findings to any topic in Chapter 2’s reading.

These topics include culture influences on nutrition, genetic factors affecting mental health, and the birthing process.

Review the article, When children have children to learn about the effects teen pregnancy has on the teenage mother and her family as well as possible risks to the developing baby.   Imagine you are putting together a training tool about the effects of pregnancy, geared towards educating teenage girls. 

You have two options when completing this discussion.  

Option A:  Create a 1 page visually appealing training tool using Glogster.  For help using Glogster, follow these instructions.

Option B:  Write a 200-250 word article that could be printed in a magazine for teen girls.