PSY 101 Week 2 DQ 2 Memory and Language Recent

PSY 101 Week 2 DQ 2 Memory and Language Recent

PSY 101 Week 2 DQ 2 Memory and Language Recent

Review the Linguistic Genius of Babies TED talk and read the New Thinking on Infant Development article from the University Library. 

Dr. Williams has been studying memory and language development. During her research she discovers that infants as young as one month can remember objects presented to them if they reappear within two seconds. Fascinated by this, she continues to explore and discovers that by the time they are four months old, babies can remember objects after five seconds. She is elated at her discovery because she knows it shows the beginning of short-term memory, which is essential in language development.

For this discussion, identify two ideas that parents/caregivers can use to help facilitate language development in children from birth to 24 months. Your post should be formatted as follows:

·         State the age range you have selected (birth to three months, three to six months, etc.).

·         Idea #1: Your first idea should be something that just about any parent could do that does not involve


technology or money in any way.

·         Idea #2: Your second idea should consider today’s age of technology. Research various sources

(computer programs, toys, videos, etc.) that can help children with language development. Identify your selection (including cost) and describe what it does in terms of either strengths and/or weaknesses, in relation to language development.

·         Reflecting on what you have read thus far in Weeks One and Two, explain what stage of memory (sensory, short-term, long-term) your ideas best fit with and how they facilitate language.

Your initial post must be a minimum of 200 words and utilize at least one scholarly source (e.g., the course textbook, a peer reviewed article from the Ashford University Library, or a professional web source), cited according to APA format as outlined in the Writing Center.