Practicum Project Poster Abstract

Practicum Project Poster Abstract

Practicum Project Poster Abstract

Practicum Project Presentation Overview
PowerPoint Presentation Notes
Your PowerPoint presentation should exhibit a professional appearance that reflects
thoughtful, thorough preparation. Consider the audience’s needs, and use your
creativity to design an engaging presentation. Your audience is your classmates and
Instructor. This presentation also serves as your Portfolio Assignment for this course.
The use of PowerPoint as a presentation method allows you to create a narrative to
convey essential aspects of your Practicum Project. As you develop your presentation,
structure the information to provide a logical flow from the beginning (introduction) to the
middle to the end (conclusion).



Determine a title for each slide. As you create each slide, include the slide title at the top
to help orient the audience, and make sure the slide text is concise and easy to read.
While you may wish to include a few photos or graphics, be mindful that including too
many of these items can be distracting and may result in problems with file size and
The evaluation of your presentation will address not just the appropriateness and
inclusion of all required content, but also the extent to which the slides are neat,
organized, and visually appealing.
PowerPoint Presentation Instructions
• Develop a 10- to 25-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:
o A cover slide with the following:
-Title of your Practicum Project
-Walden University
-Course number
-Your name
(Do not include the names of your practicum Faculty Member or Preceptor)
o A summary of the Practicum Project topic, goal, objectives, and rationale
o A summary of the Practicum Project methodology
o A summary of the Practicum Project findings
o Conclusions and recommendations that incorporate an evaluation of the
Practicum Project findings in terms of utility and potential for impact within your
professional specialty and your practicum organization’s environment
o Examples of scholarly product(s) developed for the Practicum Project, if © 2013 Laureate Education, Inc. 2
applicable (you may use screen shots or scans to incorporate these items into
your presentation)
o A summary slide that properly synthesizes and concludes the presentation
o A list of references (including a minimum of five scholarly resources), properly
formatted using APA style
 In addition, you must do the following:
o Write detailed speaker notes for each slide to complement the slide content.
Speaker notes should be clear, in-depth, and function as augmentation of the
slide material. Note: These notes should be written with sufficient depth to
allow someone else to deliver the presentation.
Make sure the PowerPoint presentation reflects graduate-level writing and presentation
standards, with professional-looking graphics and appropriate type style

Poster Presentation


Poster presentations submitted should describe innovative projects and lessons learned in the practice of nursing.

  1. Authors’ names, credentials, and affiliations (primary and co-authors):
  2. Corresponding author’s e-mail address and phone number:
  3. Nursing Program or practice Specialization that best fits your poster presentation:

____ A. Nursing Education

____ B. Nursing Leadership and Management

____ C. Nursing Informatics

____ D. BSN Student Project

_____ E. DNP Student Project

_____ F Other Nursing Specialty Project

  1. Title of presentation:
  2. Beginning date of project: __________
  3. Ending date of project: __________ (if project is ongoing indicate that here)

Please describe your project by answering items 7–14 below.

Do not exceed 500 words total in your responses.

  1. Setting of project:
  2. Problem addressed:
  3. Objectives of project:
  4. Intervention or change implemented, if any:
  5. Actions and methods used to solve the problem and meet the objectives:
  6. Evaluation Strategies used to determine whether the objectives were met:
  7. Outcomes:
  8. Lessons learned (conclusions and recommendations for practice):