PHI 103 Week 4 Quiz Recent

PHI 103 Week 4 Quiz Recent

PHI 103 Week 4 Quiz Recent

1.         Question :       A good way to establish a conclusion as true, or probable, is to

2.         Question :       Logicians regard the following as the meaning of the word “argument.”

3.         Question :       A strongly supported claim in science should be regarded as

4.         Question :       Examining reasons and constructing arguments can help in

5.         Question :       If the word “should” appears in a sentence, that sentence will always involve an ethical claim.

6.         Question :       Descartes worried a great deal about the threat posed by which of the following?

7.         Question :       “If I move to Texas, I will need air conditioning. I don’t need air conditioning. So I didn’t move to Texas” is an argument form known as

8.         Question :       A radical skeptic might be willing to doubt which of the following?

9.         Question :       French philosopher René Descartes tried to show that

10.       Question :       To support a scientific hypothesis, one might

DQ 1;Write two arguments in English, one in the form of modus ponens and one in the form of modus tollens. Then, write the arguments in symbols using sentence letters and truth-functional connectives.


Imagine someone asks you what you have learned in your logic class and what you found to be the most useful information you learned there. Is it important for people to study logic? What kinds of mistakes might they make without having been exposed to a careful study of reasoning provided by logic? Offer your response to these questions, and compare your answers to your classmates’ responses

Final Paper Outline. Review the Final Paper instructions in Week 5 of the onlinecourse or in the “Components of Course Evaluation” section of this guide.

Then, visit the Ashford Writing Center (located in the Learning Resources tab in the left navigation bar).

The outline must contain a Introduction with thesis statement.

At least five body paragraphs, using the provided model. Conclusion. Reference page containing at least three academic resources, two of which are found in the Ashford Online Library.

Each side of the debate should be provided at least one valid source for.

The Final Paper Outline must be three pages in length (excluding title and reference page) and in APA (6th edition) format.

If you would like to refer to APA samples and tutorials, log into the Ashford Writing Center (located in the Learning Resources tab in the left navigation bar). Click on the “APA & Research Guides”tab and review the resources.