Personal and Professional Goals Admissions Committee

Personal and Professional Goals Admissions Committee

Personal and Professional Goals Admissions Committee

I need this letter totally revamped and written EXCELLENT so that I can get into this program…I need most of the letter revised to match my current resume which I will attach pics of once a tutor is chosen

I really need the letter to explain why I want to be a part of the program and highlight my skills and knowledge from my resume



Letter to the Admissions Committee

Personal and Professional Goals:

Personal experience was the main reason that influenced my decision of pursuing masters in Social Work. The last decade has taught me so much through the ups and downs of life. With the kind of experience I encountered, am in a better position to understand what the disadvantaged people in the society are battling. My experience alone is not enough to deal with these vulnerable groups since everyone has a different story. With the additional knowledge, I believe I will change the lives of many. I intend to use the experience I have to help adults become more independent through equipping them with some necessary skills. Also, the knowledge will enable me to counsel the victims of assaults and other traumatizing experience. Lastly, I will help these vulnerable groups explore their full potentials. Most of these people experience hardships which cloude their thinking such that they no longer see their worth. Sensitizing the community on how to treat victims of such circumstances is also very important.

I am interested in graduate school because it is my belief that by obtaining my Master’s degree, I will have more opportunities which will put me in a better place to succeed. I know that I have the potential to be and do more in reference to my education so attending graduate school would be the next step in my educational career. I chose to enter and am interested in my designated Business Administration because I am passionate about what I want to do. I knew from a very young age that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted my life’s work to be something I was passionate about and could see myself doing for the rest of my life. I chose Business Administration because I knew that I could succeed and add more to the community. I knew that I could make a name for myself and contribute to society in a way that was productive and progressive. The influence that led me to choose this program was that I found it to be both interesting and something that I could apply my skills to. I found the premise to be both alluring and exciting and I knew that this would be the program that would be the best fit for me.

Academic Experience:

            I graduated from Albany State University from the College of Professional Studies. I was the administrative assistant to the Dean where I learned many skills and lessons that I now take with me everywhere I go including the importance of effective communication and time management. I would describe my academic record as good, though I do have room for improvement. During my time as an undergraduate, I was immature and I did not use my time wisely. I procrastinated and often fell short as a result. Furthermore, during that time, I was undergoing a lot of emotional and mental complications that, unfortunately, had an effect on my ability to perform to the best of my ability. Though that is not an excuse, it was a contributing factor. I take full responsibility for the follies of my youth. I know where I could have done better and now understand the importance of time management and maturity, especially pertaining to obtaining a proper and substantial education.

Research Experience:

During my four years as an undergraduate student, I wrote numerous research papers on a variety of topics including the effect of Keynesian Economics and the role it plays today and the importance of communication in management.

Work Experience:

During my time as an undergraduate, I worked as an administrative assistant to the Dean. I learned many things that have made me into the person that I am today, including effective communication, proper time management skills, independence, and leadership. Working there enabled me to understand the importance of managing my time and staying on task as well as understanding the importance of communicating with others. Working there, I feel as though I gained skills that I could apply to my program of study and to my future profession. I was able to indulge in the community that I intend to work in and make connections that could open doors for me in the future.

Personal Qualities:

Pertaining to my personal qualities, I am a team player, first and foremost. I also possess leadership skills that enable me to take charge and listen to my team to find the best solution to the issue. Furthermore, I possess effective communication, interpersonal, and team-building skills that make me a flexible and open-minded individual as well as the ability to multitask, focus and be compassionate.

Why Walden:

            Walden University takes pride in being able to provide their students with a quality education that is both substantial and affordable. Furthermore, they offer many resources that enable their students to be successful and obtain the help they need to succeed in their course of study. I chose Walden because I know that they represent the same qualities that I do. What interested me the most about Walden was that they take pride in their work and their ability to do everything in their power to create strong, independent, and successful students. They provide opportunities that could create gateways for their students and offer research opportunities that could heighten their students’ resumes, making them more competitive candidates for high paying jobs. In reference to their online program, I am interested in it because it is flexible and allows students that cannot physically attend the University the ability to obtain their degree in both an affordable and convenient manner.

Reasons for the Admissions Committee Review:

            My file is being presented to the Admissions Committee because I did not achieve the GPA that I should have during my time as an undergraduate student. My poor academic performance was due to my immaturity as a young student and my mental/emotional complications that I had to endure. Due to personal reasons, my emotional and mental state took a turn for the worst and, unfortunately, my GPA suffered as a result. Furthermore, because I lacked the discipline and maturity to manage my time properly, I did not perform as well as I could have.

How Will I Be Successful:

If admitted to Walden, I intend to manage my time properly. As I’ve grown older, I now understand the importance of proper time management and if admitted to the University, I intend to make proper use of my time and resources. If I need help, I intend to seek it out first and foremost by contacting my professor and, if necessary, seek out external help if what I need is not supplied by the University. I will put my academics first because my goal is to succeed. I want to have opportunities that otherwise would be harder to obtain and create a name for myself in my field. If admitted to Walden, I intend to work hard and be diligent in my studies because I want to thrive.

I believe an opportunity to study my masters I social work will enable me to have an insight of the life of the minority in the society. The knowledge imparted to me will help me to make more sound decisions. I will have a better approach to solving problems and therefore changing lives and giving hope.

Balancing my work life, social life and education honestly is not easy. The one thing that will be my driving force is the passion that I have for such kind of people. I intended to take the part-time class; I will be able to relate what I learn with real-life situation simultaneously. Every single day I will be setting time for my studies and homework. The organization made my schedule flexible such that it fits, my school program. Currently, I have no family hence reduced responsibilities when it comes to home. With great honor, I will appreciate your consideration.

Personal and Professional Goals Admissions Committee