Nursing Stem Cell Research Paper

Nursing Stem Cell Research Paper

Nursing Stem Cell Research Paper

This course requires the completion of a major research paper (8 to 10 content pages, not including the title, abstract and reference page) for the final assignment. In order to do this, the writing must be in a style appropriate for an academic discourse community and the references should be academic references. At least five of the articles must be located in the Herzing University Library



This week’s assignment builds on the unit 4 assessment and completes the gathering of reference materials.

• Begin with the introduction to the paper which should include the thesis statement.

• Submit a minimum of 7 primary resources and 3 secondary resources, for one of the following topics (In Unit 4, 3 primary and 2 secondary resources were submitted-please highlight these resources in the new document)

◦ 3D Printing

◦ High-speed rail

◦ Stem Cell Research

◦ Crowdfunding

• Complete the literature review for each of the resources identified

• Include the APA reference page

The literary resources and introduction should be in APA format.The completed paper will be formatted in APA and include:

◦ A title page in APA format

◦ An abstract in APA format

◦ 8-10 pages of researched content.

◦ Introduction that includes: statement of the problem, definition of terms, claim statement, significance of the study, thesis

◦ Body of the paper that includes: background for the research, presentation and analysis of the data, discussion of the research and data

◦ Conclusion statement: analytical summary, thesis reworded, recommendations

◦ A Reference Page(s) in APA format

◦ Provide in-text citations in APA format

• Please submit both the rough draft and the final draft for the research paper along with the completed literature review.

• Clearly label each paper when you save them as rough draft, final draft, and literature review.