Nursing Journal Entry Task

Nursing Journal Entry Task

Nursing Journal Entry Task

Please see the attachments for details on what needs to be done. I am volunterring for a nonprofit and I need to complete a jornal enry and a volunetter form for the first week. I am saying that I am doing marketing and data analysiis for the scool, so please use their website to gather necessary information.
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I am volunteering for Arizona Career Institute, which is a nonprofit startup that training and certifies Certified Nursing Assistants and Caregivers. The website is . You can use the website to gather information as needed for the journal entry. You can say that I began my volunteer work doing student demographic analysis so we can better understand their marketing strategies by knowing who their student base is made up of. You can say I worked directly with the CEO Jayne Stephens



Journal Entries

For each day that you volunteer, create a new journal entry in which the first line is the day, date, and time period that you worked that day. Please put this information in bold font. Write a paragraph that describes the type of duties you carried out that day (what you did, who else was there, whether you were a part of a team or were working alone, etc.). Once each week, focus on one particular event or aspect of your work that week and describe why you found this particular task or event to be unusual or of special interest. In a 250-300-word entry, relate this aspect of your volunteer experience to some specific knowledge that you have previously gained in your coursework to this point.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.


Please don’t worry about entering the personal information. Just do you best filling in question 3-9. I am saying that I am working on marketing and student demographics as volunteer work .


Information Sheet for GCU Volunteer Placement

Grand Canyon University

3300 W. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ  85017




Name of Volunteer:



E-mail Address:



Site Name:


Supervising/Contact Person:






Description of Site


  1. Number of Principles:

Number of Employers:

Number of [estimated yearly] student volunteers:

  1. Type of workforce/Area of practice:


  1. Subject of work for student volunteer:


  1. Any special features or descriptions of work environment:










Description of Volunteer Placement Tasks to be completed by Student


  1. General Communications: (e.g. Telephone, Personal, Formal, etc.)




  1. Research and Writing: (e.g. Letters, Memorandums, Reports, Notes, Desktop Publishing)



  1. Clerical: (e.g. Filing, Automated Systems, Calendaring)



  1. Academic course work especially desired:



  1. Any other information you would like to provide in order to more fully inform, or interest the student in this volunteer opportunity: (e.g. describe experiences where the student will learn what it would be like to be a practitioner in the area he or she is studying. This could involve inviting the student to attend workshops, meetings, ride-along, counseling sessions, etc.)





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