Nursing Education Program Implementation to Reduce CAUTI Rates

Nursing Education Program Implementation to Reduce CAUTI Rates

Nursing Education Program Implementation to Reduce CAUTI Rates

In your paper, you will write a statement of the topic, a brief introduction of how you selected your PICO topic, the EBP question in PICO format, and a purpose statement for the paper. Next, you will locate evidence from multiple sources and synthesize findings. Finally, you will design the intervention and create a plan indicating how it might be evaluated from a quality improvement standpoint. (MY PICO QUESTION AND PAPERS AND RESEARCH SO FAR IS ATTACHED)


Within your paper, use at least five high levels of evidence, including peer-reviewed research articles and textbooks. Information from these resources should be synthesized, cited, and explained throughout the paper. Note that a synthesis compares and combines multiple resources. It is not a summary of the individual resources.

The following resource can help you learn more about synthesizing resources:

Walden University Writing Center. (n.d.). Common assignments: Synthesizing your sources

Your paper should be 4–6 pages (not including the title page or references) and includes the following:

  • Writing the PICO: 1–2 paragraphs
    • Write a brief statement of the topic (the main idea of your PICO question from EP4002 or the revised version from EP4003), and how you selected your topic.
    • State the EBP question in PICO format. (Do not include the letters PICO.)
    • Explain the purpose of the intervention. (e.g., “The purpose of this paper is to …”). In this statement, communicate the intent, topic, and goals of the paper. This differs from the PICO statement itself since the PICO addresses the clinical issue and intervention that you have selected.
  • Designing an Intervention: 2–3 pages
    • In EP4001, you were introduced to several different evidence-based practice models. Choose a model you think would best fit this intervention and explain why you chose the model. Note: This is not an in-depth analysis, but rather a 2–3 sentence statement.
    • Describe interventions supported by evidence that have been used in other situations. Synthesize the effectiveness of the interventions.
    • Design an intervention using evidence, clinical expertise, patient values, and patient preferences. This intervention should be applicable to your own practice rather than to nursing as a whole. Ensure that your proposed intervention is not too broad to be feasible.
      • Examine how the intervention will alter your current practice.
      • Explain the steps needed to implement the recommended change; including stakeholders who will be involved, and how you will provide information to those stakeholders. Include information about the healthcare consumers affected and the rationale for the change.
  • Evaluating the Intervention: 1-page
    • Describe the intended outcomes for the intervention. (i.e., if the intervention is successful, what changes do you hope to see?)
    • Explain how you will determine if and when the intended outcomes are met or not met, including a recommendation of the type of data that ought to be collected. Note: You are not collecting data, only making a plan.
    • Recommend effective (or evidence-based) evaluation strategies appropriate for this intervention.
  • Writing a Conclusion
    • Complete your paper with a concluding paragraph that summarizes the information and includes any final thoughts.

Note: Your paper should include a title page and reference page. Be sure to support all statements with appropriate citation and reference.