Nursing Communication Strategies Question

Nursing Communication Strategies Question

Nursing Communication Strategies Question

The purpose of this assignment is to implement communication strategies for delivering negative news.

Select one of the following scenarios:

You  have failed a course in your program major and you have been notified  by the financial services office that you will be suspended from playing  your collegiate sport and you may lose your university scholarship.  Draft a professional email notifying your coach of the news.

You  are a sales team manager at GCU and your department has just notified  you that a new technology is being implemented in the workplace. This  software is a management and time tracking tool that provides an  efficient and transparent view of work tasks and current clients. The  current software the department is using is being discontinued which  will require a manual migration of data from the old system to the new  system. This is a very time intensive and challenging migration; it will  require change and new training. Draft a professional email to your  team notifying them of the news and try to get buy-in for this new  technology.



You are moving on to different professional horizons  and you must notify your supervisor that you will be resigning your  current job position. The timing is inconvenient as you have been  groomed for a management position. Draft a professional email that  notifies your supervisor of the news.

  • You are a student that  recently failed a high stakes assignment due to a misunderstanding. You  are disputing the grade you received on the assessment and you have  decided to email your professor. Draft a professional email to your  instructor.
  • Write a 100-250 word email responding to the  scenario. Your email should have a subject or title line that is  consistent with the content of the message. Incorporate the conventions  related to delivering negative news by including the following  elements:
  • Buffer statement
  • Reasons for the situation or decision

Negative news

Suitable or desired resolution

  • Respectful closing