NURS 220 Personal Philosophy Nursing Paper

NURS 220 Personal Philosophy Nursing Paper

NURS 220 Personal Philosophy Nursing Paper

2 and half pages talking about nursing philosophy from a personal prospective. add some nursing theorist perspective (see attached files please). use at least 2 sources.




Personal Philosophy Guidelines

(Please See Rubric for Grading Criteria)


The personal philosophy of nursing is a formal paper written in first person (I) and is to include your perspectives on the metaparadigm concepts of client, health, nurse, and environment.  Be sure to incorporate a statement of personal values and beliefs, as well as perspectives on any other concepts or issues such as health care policies, community issues, individual and/or cultural health care practices that may define, guide, or impact your practice as a nurse.  A personal philosophy guides your development and practice as a registered nurse.  It serves as your foundation.  It is a work in progress and will probably change as you progress through the nursing curriculum. You will have an opportunity to revise this philosophy in the senior year of the nursing program.  There are no right or wrong answers as it is your philosophy, but you do need to follow and include the required criteria to satisfactorily complete the assignment.  The personal philosophy is written through a personal lens, but is often supported by appropriately referencing the written views of published authors and theorists.  Your philosophy may be influenced by individuals you have encountered, personal values, previous healthcare experiences, current social or political issues, personal definitions of health and illness, and perceived roles/images of the professional nurse. You are strongly encouraged to clearly and creatively weave the course content (especially nursing, science, and liberal arts theories) into your philosophy.

Format:   This essay is to be computer generated using APA style and must be structurally intact with appropriate grammar, sentence and paragraph composition, spelling, punctuation, and logical, clear essay development (including introduction and conclusion). Title page is required.  Citations within in the body of the paper and a reference page are required when quoting or paraphrasing published authors or theorists. Limit pages to three (excluding the title and reference pages).  Please don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the course faculty or the Academic Support Center to complete this project.

Peer Review/Blog:  Each student is required to post their philosophy rough draft on ECN under the Blog section by the date identified on the course calendar. Each student is also expected to constructively critique at least two other students’ philosophies.  These critiques are also to be posted on ECN under the Blog section (unless otherwise instructed by the course instructor).

Grading Rubric:  In addition to the guidelines above, please follow the criteria identified on the grading rubric which follows.






























NAME ________________________________





3 points


2 points


1 point



Statement of Personal Values and Beliefs Describes in detail student’s own personal beliefs about nursing. Identifies personal values and beliefs about nursing. Does not address personal values and beliefs.  
Addresses the Metaparadigm (Client, Health, Environment, Nurse) Describes the relationship of the concepts of client, health, environment, and nurse in a narrative (story like), paragraph format. Defines the concepts of client, health, environment, and nurse. Does not address all four concepts.  
Personal Philosophy includes nursing theory and/or other applicable theories from the sciences and liberal arts Incorporates theoretical knowledge from nursing, science, and/or liberal arts to enhance the description of personal beliefs about nursing. Refers to a nursing theory/theorist when identifying personal values and beliefs. Philosophy is not theoretically based or inclusion of course content is not evident.  
Peer Review

(Blog and/or in class exchange format)

Critiques at least two other student’s philosophies. Critiques one other student’s philosophy. No critique posted or discussed.  
APA Format   Computer generated. No more than three pages (excluding title and reference page). Minimal errors (0-4) in grammar and spelling. Correct APA format for title page, citations, and reference page. Many errors (more than 4) in grammar, spelling, and/or APA format.  More than three pages in length.  


14 points = 100%       13 points = 93%       12 points = 86%       11 points = 79%       10 points = 71%        9 points = 64%       8 points = 57%

7 points = 50%             6 points = 43%            5 points = 36%