NSG 6020 Week 9 Assignment 2 Fibromyalgia

NSG 6020 Week 9 Assignment 2 Fibromyalgia

NSG 6020 Week 9 Assignment 2 Fibromyalgia

Discussed the criteria needed to diagnose fibromyalgia.

Noted any diagnostic tests for fibromyalgia and risk factors (or lack thereof).

Discussed the approach for explaining diagnosis to patient.

Used correct spelling, grammar, professional vocabulary, and APA format. Cited all sources using the correct APA format.

Health promotion/disease prevention Problem and Specific Population
Clearly describes the health promotion/disease prevention problem specific to the target population. NSG 6020 Week 9 Assignment 2 Fibromyalgia
Analyzes and supports the significance of the specific prevention problem with research and data.  Please see my comments in the body of your paper.
Relationship to Individual Advanced Role
Explain how the selected problem applies to advanced practice in the student’s role option.
Critical Analysis of Relevant Literature
Critically analyze the current literature related to interventions that address the problem related to communities from nursing, the sciences, and humanities.  Please see my comments in the body of your paper
Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
Select an appropriate health promotion/disease prevention theoretical framework that applies to the problem.  Please see my comments in the body of your paper.
Incorporate the theoretical model into the design of your Intervention Plan.
Intervention Plan
Design an intervention to address the problem in the selected population/setting using appropriate epidemiological, social, and environmental assessments
Discuss alternative interventions that consider specific subsets of the population (underserved), for example: seniors, homebound individuals, disabled, homeless, uninsured, etc. NSG 6020 Week 9 Assignment 2 Fibromyalgia
Evaluation Plan
Identify potential barriers that may be encountered during the evaluation process
APA Style/Format

Free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Citations and references are written in correct APA Style.Case Study Evaluation

Analyze the disorder addressing the following elements: pathophysiology, signs/symptoms, progression trajectory, diagnostic testing, and treatment options. NSG 6020 Week 9 Assignment 2 Fibromyalgia

Differentiate the disorder from normal development.

Discuss the physical and psychological demands the disorder places on the patient and family.

Explain the key concepts that must be shared with the patient and family to achieve optimal disorder management and outcomes.

Identify key interdisciplinary team personnel needed and how this team will provide care to achieve optimal disorder management and outcomes.

Interpret facilitators and barriers to optimal disorder management and outcomes

Describe strategies to overcome the identified barriers.

Care Plan Synthesis

Designed a comprehensive and holistic recognition and planning for the disorder.

Addresses how the patient’s socio-cultural background can potentially impact optimal management and outcomes.
Demonstrated an evidence-based approach to address key issues identified in the case study. NSG 6020 Week 9 Assignment 2 Fibromyalgia

Formulates a comprehensive but tailored approach to disorder management.


Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 1 and 2 from the course textbook, the Law and Health Policy (Links to an external site.) web page, and review this week’s Instructor Guidance.

Using the course textbook as your source, choose one of the chronic conditions found in Chapters 3 through 10 and then answer the bulleted prompts below. For this discussion, you will write your initial post on Micro-system one of the three Bronfenbrenner’s ecological models. NSG 6020 Week 9 Assignment 2 Fibromyalgia

Write your response based on your interpretation of what you read and your personal or professional experiences with the chosen health condition. Your post must be a minimum of 250 words in length.

  • Identify the chronic condition.
  • Discuss the biopsychosocial (biological/genetic, psychological, social) factors that influence the patient’s experience with the chronic condition chosen.
  • Explain how your assigned system from Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model of Human Development (see Chapter 1 Section 6) affects the onset and management of the chronic disease. For example,
    • If you are assigned the micro-system, explain the role immediate family members and coworkers have in the onset of the disease (negative influence) as well as in positively managing (improving the person’s health) once disease is diagnosed.
    • If you are assigned meso-system, give examples, and explain why the patient may start or stop activities (e.g., entertainment, volunteering, sporting activities, etc.) within their greater social circle and community due to the health condition.
    • If you are assigned macro-system, provide a summary of two laws that are in place to support the patient in their daily lives as well as one law that needs to be improved to better support the patient, family or both. NSG 6020 Week 9 Assignment 2 Fibromyalgia