NRS430 Professional Nursing Organizations

NRS430 Professional Nursing Organizations

NRS430 Professional Nursing Organizations

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Explore the Advocacy page of the American Nurses Association (ANA) website.


Sample 1

Professional nursing organizations are devoted to the professional and personal development of members and generally advancing the profession (Gaines, 2019). The nursing field and the general healthcare field are always evolving and nurses being a part of these organizations aid them in the field. Nursing organizations play a role in encouraging nurses to keep up with up-to-date practices, what leaders in the profession are talking about, and what other hospitals are doing to advance patient care (Gaines, 2019). The American Nurses Association (ANA) is a professional organization that advocates for nurses on all levels of government (Helbig, 2018 NRS430 Professional Nursing Organizations). The ANA can advocate for nurses on a federal level through the Federal Government Affairs program by tracking changes that may affect nursing cope of practice and workplace issues like safe staffing, patient handling, overtime, and workplace violence (Helbig, 2018). By informing nurses of these new changes that are happening in the profession, nurses are able to try to implement actions that better prepare them in such events.

Professional nursing organizations like the ANA advocate for nurses by raising awareness of the problems that nurses face, which are ultimately associated with patients, patient-care, and providing patient-centered environment (Helbig, 2018). Being informed and educated on certain things are vital. Informing the public and state legislators about problem revolving patients ultimately advocate for the patient. Not only are rules and regulations passed with the nurse in mind, but it always leads to patient safety.


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Sample 2 Discussion

Health care organizations exist to advance the registered nurses and assist nurses so that health care can be improved (Helbig, 2018). Nurses might potentially impact patient outcomes and workplace settings by participating in professional organizations and contributing to legislative reforms. The American Nurses Association is the largest professional nurses association in the United States. The ANA is in charge of promoting good quality of care, advocating for nurses’ rights in the workplace, promoting a positive and realistic image of nurses, and dealing with healthcare concerns that affect nurses and the general public (Matthews, 2012). Professional nursing organizations employ the code of ethics to help provide the best possible patient care (Matthews, 2012). Professional nursing organizations assist in developing a code of ethics, social policy statement, and scope of practice requirements (Matthews, 2012). All three entail patient advocacy because they all establish a set of expectations that a nurse should adhere to. Nursing organizations may raise awareness of nursing issues. They hope to provide quality care to the patient to all patients by bringing to light possible difficulties in nursing care (Helbig, 2018). This, in turn, demonstrates patient care activism as they work to improve healthcare for all community people. Nursing organizations support nurses and work to enhance the profession as a whole for both professionals and patients.


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