NRNP 6635 Week 11 Gender Identity Disorders Psychiatric Emergencies & FINAL EXAM

NRNP 6635 Week 11 Gender Identity Disorders Psychiatric Emergencies & FINAL EXAM

NRNP 6635 Week 11 Gender Identity Disorders Psychiatric Emergencies & FINAL EXAM

In the past, popular culture tended to present gender as an attribute that was dichotomous; that is, it was either/or. To a certain extent, our culture, as well as many others, still portrays gender as equivalent to biological sex assignment. We may still encounter this when we fill out forms or are otherwise asked to identify ourselves, but nonbinary choices are increasingly common, as is the widespread acceptance of a person’s choice of personal pronoun.


Current psychological and biological science sees gender as a continuum, and it is viewed as a cultural attribute, not a biological one. As a cultural construct, gender and its expression vary widely. An individual’s gender identify refers to whether they identify as male, female, or some other category. Everyone has a gender identity. To meet the criteria for a gender identity disorder, however, a patient must not only have gender manifestations that do not conform to their culture’s gender norms (e.g., wearing opposite sex clothing), but also experience significant distress and negative impact on their life because of the gender incongruence.

Through the Learning Resources this week, you explore the assessment and diagnosis of gender identity disorders and psychiatric emergencies. You will also complete your final exam, which will cover the topics presented in Weeks 7–11.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Apply concepts related to psychopathology and diagnostic reasoning in advanced practice nursing care in psychiatric and mental health settings

Learning Resources

Required Readings (click to expand/reduce)

Sadock, B. J., Sadock, V. A., & Ruiz, P. (2015). Kaplan & Sadock’s synopsis of psychiatry (11th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.

  • Chapter 18, Gender Dysphoria
  • Chapter 23, Emergency Psychiatric Medicine
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NRNP 6635 Week 11 Gender Identity Disorders Psychiatric Emergencies & FINAL EXAM

This exam will cover assessment and diagnosis of the following across the lifespan:

  • Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders
  • Medication-induced movement disorders
  • Substance related disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Dissociative and somatic symptom-related disorders
  • Paraphilic disorders
  • Neurocognitive and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Sexuality and gender identity disorders
  • Psychiatric emergencies

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Prior to starting the exam, you should review all of your materials. There is a 2.5-hour time limit to complete this 100-question exam. You may only attempt this exam once.

This exam is a test of your knowledge in preparation for your certification exam. No outside resources—including books, notes, websites, or any other type of resource—are to be used to complete this exam. You are expected to comply with Walden University’s Code of Conduct.

By Day 7 of Week 11

Complete your exam.

Submission and Grading Information

Grading Criteria

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Week 11 Final Exam