Mediation Children Adolescent and Adults Weekly Notes

Mediation Children Adolescent and Adults Weekly Notes

Mediation Children Adolescent and Adults Weekly Notes

Would you be able to do notes. The attachment has the sample where 10 notes are done. We are talking  about mediation. Children, Adolescent and Adults. I need 8 each week (4 for children and 4 for adults)

1–H.R is a 43 years old lady who presented to the clicinc for her one month follow up visit. She is alert and oriented no distress noted. H.R complained of not being her self after thanksgiven. She stated that her energy is low. She has quiet her job because of that. HR has  been on Cymbalta 90mg P.O daily for depression? Anxiety for over a year. Provider wants to start her on Wellburtin 75mg P.O daily  and decrease  the Cylbalta to 60mg P.O daily. HR should follow up in the clinic in one month. She is advice to call the clinic if she experience any nausea or vomiting because H.R stated she drinks about one to two glass of wine every night before going to bed.




2- B.W is an ex-convite who was released from prison three month ago. He was dignosed with Hypomanic in 2001. He has being on invega injection 60mg daily. Provider has being following him since his released. He is requesting to have the injection change to tablets same dose daily on this follow up visit. Invega injection is changed to Invega 60mg P.O daily. B.W is schedule to return to the clinic in two weeks for follow up.


3–B.B is a 34 years old Caucasian female  with anxiety disorder  was admitted to the clinic two weeks ago. She was taking Ambien 5mg QHS. Which was prescribed by her previous psychiatrist. She is requsting an increase from 5mg to 10mg stating that she  only sleeping for 2-3 hours per night. Provider is willing to increase the dose that shes requsting but CRIPP is stating that B.B has recently revcived 30 day supply of the 5mg anbien from the pharmacy but, shes saying that she did not pick up the medication. BB is advised to check with the pharmacy for the medication, then return back to the clinic for further intrusctions.



4–A.B is an autistic 15 years old a client of a group home. She was brought to the clinic by her care giver for her 30 day follow up visit.  As per her care giver she is doing well on the risperidae 0.25mg which was  prescribed 30 days ago , she sleeps better now. No new behavior reported. Will return in 30 days for flu.


5–F.A is a 47 year old Causcia male with a history of Depression and insomnia. He came in for a flu visit, 2 weeks ago he was started on 50mg trazodone for sleep. His previous complain was not being able to sleep because, of his lack of sleep he is tired all the time. F.A  was very pleased with the out come of trazodone. He said he is more focused and not tired in the morning. Provider is willing for F.A to continue on the trazodone 50mg QHS and follow up in 30 days.


6–CC is a 9 year-old  African American girl with a history of generalized anxiety has been stable on Fluoxetine 10mg daily for six months. She came to the clinic with her mother for a follow up visit. She is well dressed for the weather. Her stated that she is doing better since started on the Fluoxetine. She sleeps and eat well. No behavior report from school the past months. CC to continue on the Fluoxetine 10mg. mother shouls call the clinic with any changes noted.

7–R.M is a 42 years old