Liberty University Group Leading Proposal Speech

Liberty University Group Leading Proposal Speech

Liberty University Group Leading Proposal Speech

The purpose of this assignment is to provide disclosure about your meeting and demonstrate learning from the experience by analyzing the session and its participants. You must also assess the effectiveness of your pre-planning and leadership behaviors. References to the course literature are optional; however, familiarity with the terminology and best practices therein must be evident. Your presentation must include the following sections/main points:



Group Dynamics, Content, and Process

  • Self-Assessment

Conclusion and Application

Introduce yourself and disclose key facts about your meeting, including: date, time, duration, location, setting and set-up, number of participants, your relationship with them, and whether a co-leader was present. Briefly (in one or two sentences) reiterate the nature and purpose of the group and your prior role and involvement. If the actual meeting and its participants diverted from your proposal, explain why.

  • Describe the progression of the meeting from beginning to end paying particular attention to group dynamics and how members responded to you and the content you provided for the session. What was the group’s level of engagement and participation and what different leadership techniques did you utilize?

Reflect on your facilitation and evaluate your performance, providing specific examples from the meeting. What were the main challenges you encountered? What do you feel you did well and what do you think you should have handled differently?

Briefly summarize the highlights of your experience and your most important takeaways. How will you apply what you learned to future group leadership? It what areas do you need to enhance your group skills? End with a concluding thought.

  • When you organize your presentation, you must make sure each required section/main point is sufficiently developed given the time limit. Transitions between subtopics must be clear and maintain flow of thought. The video must be of sufficient quality for a professional setting and show you speaking, ideally from the waist up. Your delivery must demonstrate a willingness to communicate with attention to audience engagement, articulation, pronunciation, tone, absence of vocal fillers, eye contact, posture and movement.

Group Leading Proposal

Diane Johnson

  • 7/25/2020

Introduction and Background

In my career as a behavioral nurse, I have led groups in various meetings that are supposed to bring a change in the norms and practices regarding the required public health requirements. Successfully, such groups have been good, and I always chair them with precision and focus on ensuring that fundamental elements are accomplished as needed. For this group, I will chair a group of community healthcare social workers who are responsible for fighting COVID-19 disease in the community. The choice of the group is good since it delivers the required health guidelines and practices necessary for the accomplishment of the obligations that are fundamental and effective.

The Group Context

The group is an existing organization of community healthcare workers who are charged with the responsibility of quality healthcare delivery. The purpose of the group at this time is to help in curbing the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigation measures in the community. The group has been existent and has varied roles associated with the key metrics and deliverables discharged to them. Successfully, there is a need to focus on the implementation of the basic and right attitudes for effective measures and quality health in the community. Prior to the planned chairing, I had a role in managing the financial resources and other supplies required by the group in the community to help them discharge their required duties.

The setting

The meeting will be composed of 10 community healthcare workers, whereby six are makes and four females. The age distribution of the individuals will be between 28 and 35 in orders of seniority from a novice. The meeting will be held in the community social hall from 10:00 am on July 26, 2020. The communication methods that will be used in the meeting will be normal speaking from word of mouth without any form of voice projection as a form of reducing noise. Additionally, a projector and a board will be used to help in the delivery of the right content necessary for successful and right communication in the course of the meeting. My relationship with the community healthcare workers is that they are juniors in the organization, and I do help in giving out directions concerning the upcoming events.

The meeting Goal and Norms

The goal of the meeting will be to help the community health social workers know the right measures to be used prevention of COVID-19 spread within the community. With the various measures in their fingerprint, the goal of the meeting will be to help them identify the loopholes and things that should be done to improve the situation and status quo, which is recommended for effective and right techniques to be implemented as per the measures and effective protocols. The warm-up activities to be performed will be jogging and stretching after every one hour of the meeting since it is supposed to take four hours from 10:00 am. Confidentiality will be assured to the members regarding the issues discussed and involved in the meeting process. For quality outcomes to be accomplished, the members will be assured of their security, and also privacy will be enhanced to promote the right information as necessary, which is key and integral as well.

Meeting Content and Process

The thematic content of the discussion will be on the nature of the prevention of COVID-19 disease in the communities. The level of preparedness and measures put in place will also be discussed to help in control the adverse situations while implementing key metrics and aspects as per the necessary and crucial elements of success, which is necessary. The meeting will be held for four hours, and the supplies will include drinking water and other beverages that are non-alcoholic to be used in the course of the meeting. With the ten members in the room, the meeting will have enough supplies to be used in the facilitation of comfort and the required objectives of the meeting.


The proposed meeting is good since it is supposed to enlighten the frontline community healthcare workers in providing essential health services in the community. With a focused approach and fundamental strategies in the management of challenges, it is a possible and right approach for quality and effective practice, which is necessary for the promotion of best and fundamental practice. The proposed meeting is a breakthrough to the community considering the vital aspects and necessary statistics in the control and elimination of challenges as per the required protocols and interventions of success.

Liberty University Group Leading Proposal Speech