LDR 463 Decision Making in Nursing Essay

LDR 463 Decision Making in Nursing Essay

LDR 463 Decision Making in Nursing Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to apply a decision-making strategy to a real-life situation.

The proactive professional infuses decision-making strategies in all aspects of life. Among essential leadership characteristics are strong decision-making skills. By examining why a decision is needed, what the possible options may be, the likely consequences of each option, as well as the significance of the consequences, they can determine what the best decision may be in light of the available information.

Review the resource “The Decision-Making Process” and then complete and submit the “Decision-Making Reflection Form.”

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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Journal Entry Week 2 Grand Canyon University – LDR-463

Wednesday July 8th at 10am a Zoom video conference meeting was held with the Schools CEO Jayne Stephens, the office manager Krazia Reed, and me. The topic of this meeting was to discuss marketing opportunities. The nonprofit school that I am volunteering my time to is dedicated to training individuals who have a desire to care for the elderly and disabled population. During the meeting we discussed some of the hurdles the school is faced with when it comes to recruiting new students, Mrs. Stephens stated that the positions these students will ultimately be obtaining are on average minimum wage jobs, working demanding hours, and with stressful responsibilities. This poses a hardship for recruiting new students and placing graduates with employers. During the call we discussed areas the school would like to utilize to maximize their marketing efforts.

As a takeaway from the video call we discovered several opportunities the school can study to potentially implement in their marketing program. We agreed hosting monthly open houses would give perspective students and community members the ability to meet with staff and currently students, to get a better understanding of what the school offers. Krazia the office manager suggested that the school purchase materials that they can use at job fairs, such as banners and possible school branded items to give away. I suggested that targeted social media ads could reach interested individuals in areas that the school has limited or difficult access to. One of the more interesting topics brought up was to find a way to engage with the local care facilities that would be hiring the graduates, to work cohesively with a mutual goal to get students trained and employed, this would allow the employers to be directly associated with he process which would extend the school marketing team substantially.

At the conclusion of the call we agreed to review the meeting notes and come with strategies to pursue some of the marketing efforts we had discussed. We have scheduled a follow up meeting to take place on Wednesday July 15th.