Improving Healthcare Accessibility Globally Discussion

Improving Healthcare Accessibility Globally Discussion

Improving Healthcare Accessibility Globally Discussion

How can healthcare be ensured for everyone around the world?!

Kindly follow the Instructions

Referencing materials should satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • full version of the article or a book (attached as Word, PDF)
  • Write minimum 350 words essay, format and cite in Strayer style. Use at least 1 academic source published within last 5 years and submit it with your essay.
  • copies of the exact pages (for books only) used to write a paper – all pages that are used and correspond with all citations and quotes in the paper (accepted formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP)



Important: links to full versions of the books or articles in free direct access (no membership, registration or fee is required to download an article) will not be accepted. You should still download and attach the file (or save the webpage as PDF). Requirements for files:

  1. all files should be properly titled (with the name of the author/title of the source) to make it clear what source they correspond to;
  2. referencing materials can be grouped and uploaded as archive (zip or rar). Inside of the archive all files should be properly labeled;
  3. attached screenshots should give a clear indication of the paragraph/line from where citation is taken (highlight text with a mouse or use graphic editors to mark the text). Untitled screenshots which show random pieces of text will be rejected;
  4. screenshot should not capture your personal information (any tabs, windows, icons, address line with “ke” index, indicator of your google account – should not be seen). However, you are recommended to capture the book info (on the left side of the screen for google books), were the title of the book and authors can be seen.