Identifying Relevant Literature Resources

Identifying Relevant Literature Resources

Identifying Relevant Literature Resources

To prepare:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources on conducting a literature review.
  • Go to the Walden Library website, and explore tools for generating search terms.
  • With your PICO question in mind (regardless of approval status), identify at least 10 different search terms you could use in your literature search.
  • Reflect on how to assess the relevance of specific research to your PICO question.
  • Consider techniques for performing alternate types of searches if few or no resources are located.




Post your PICO question (first draft if not yet approved) and the 10 search terms you plan to use in your literature search. Describe one of the literature search tools you identified in the Walden Library and where it is located. Explain how you can assess the relevance of the research you review. Finally, describe strategies for performing alternate types of searches if initial searches do not yield sufficient resources.


My PICO question


Developing Pico Questions

Pico Question: Does it mean that if health care professionals embrace the use of healthcare information system as opposed to old semi-manual processes will result in improved patient care?

P- Healthcare professionals

I- Use of healthcare information system

C- Old semi-manual processes

O- Improved patient care

Healthcare is one of the largest departments in the United States. It has however managed to gather a lot of attention, that is, if something is wrong it does not go unnoticed. I developed this question because I find healthcare to be a sensitive department since it deals with people’s lives. Technology has taken over the world of healthcare, replacing the old processes with new ones. Therefore, there are so many systems and applications out there being marketed and organizations’ management convinced that they are the best and they will yield better results (Bose, 2003). The same case applies to healthcare; there is a ton of healthcare information system that the facilities are supposed to take up. But does embracing this technology automatically result in improved patient care? There is so much that has to come into play such as the cost and the skill required to use the system.

This question is important to be considered because it is important to evaluate how effective it is in embracing the technology. In some instances, retaining the old processes would be better than embracing the new ones. There are several groups of people who care about this, mainly the public and the healthcare professionals. The healthcare information systems concern the public and they have every right to care about it since it can either result in an improved patient care or not (Bose, 2003). The professionals have to be concerned since they will be the ones operating the systems and the skill that they have is what determines if it will lead to improved performance.