HLT-306 Stages of Life Essay

HLT-306 Stages of Life Essay

HLT-306 Stages of Life Essay

HLT-306 TOPIC 2 Stages of Life Essay and Interview

Assessment Description

Write a 500-750-word essay on the Stages-of-Life and the influence of age in health care from a patient’s perspective. Interview a friend or family member about that person’s experiences with the health care system. You may develop your own list of questions.

Suggested questions:

  1. Do you feel that your stage-of-life had any effect on your interaction with health care professionals?
  2. Which areas of the hospital or clinic were most concerned with your well-being and feelings?
  3. Was your family with you during this hospital stay or outpatient visit?
  4. Was your family included in your treatment, such as post-procedure instructions?


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Stage of Life Essay and Interview Sample Approach

Stage of Life Essay and Interview

The_ stages of life for everyone starts with the_ fetus and goes to old age. How they get from each stage of life will depend on how they care for themselves and what they endure from choices made in the_ different stages of life. Some people have illnesses that are hereditary, and this causes changes throughout their stages of life. This will cause them to have illnesses that would be expected in the_ later stages of life. People age differently as well and some of the_ changes that happen are not age-related but are pathological. In this interview, several questions will be asked, and my grandmother will give answers based on how she felt her experiences with healthcare was.

Question 1- Do you feel that your stage‐of‐life had any effect on your interaction with health care professionals? HLT-306 Stages of Life Essay

Grandma- Well growing up my family did not have a lot of money and black people were not able to go to many of the_ hospitals or doctors’ offices that white people went to, but to answer this question I would have to say yes because time changed and I was able to get the_ care I needed when I needed it. I can say that for the_ most part, I have been healthy until I started to reach my later adult years and things that should go bad or start to fail did. I have followed doctors’ orders and have taken my medication and it has gotten me thus far.

Question 2- Which areas of the_ hospital or clinic were most concerned with your well‐being and feelings?

Grandma- Well since I worked in the_ hospital for many years, I have to say that the_ primary care physician and staff seem to care more about your wellbeing that most other parts that I have seen. Although when you are in the_ hospital they care about what is wrong with you and do everything possible to get you healthy again but they do not have the_ time allowed to give you that one on one attention that your primary care physician does.

Question 3- Was your family with you during this hospital stay or outpatient visit?

Grandma- My family has always been close, and have always been supportive of each other when things or health issues arise. I can remember having my appendix rupture and my entire family came to the_ hospital even my ex-husband was there with my new husband. I guess that really confused the_ doctor but everyone was there when I needed them most from my hospital stay and even when I cam home to care for me. It makes a difference in recovery when the_ family is as supportive as mine, each one of my children spent time nights with me to ensure that I was okay during my illness. My wound became infected and had to return to the_ doctor and my family was there to ensure that the_ doctor was doing what he needed to do to ensure that I was healing as I should.

Question 4- Was your family included in your treatment, such as post‐procedure instructions?

Grandma- As I stated before my family is very supportive, and even when I returned for my visits after the_ infection my daughters who are in healthcare attended with me because I felt the_ doctor did not listen to me and that’s how the_ infection worsened. My daughters were there for support as well as to hear what instructions were given and to see if he was rude or rough with their mom. The_ doctor addressed my concerns and also allowed my daughters to ask any questions that they had as well. This visit interaction between the_ doctor, myself and my family went much better.

Question 5- Have you or any family member ever had a bad hospital or doctor’s experience, and if so, was it corrected by anyone?

Grandma- Well my family members have had several really bad experiences one which was corrected and the_ other was not. The_ first one was back when I was growing up and my brother got a stick lodged in his eye and could have died. He was taken to Baptist hospital and they would not care for him because of the_ color of his skin. He had to take 100 miles to Duke Hospital, and he lost his life but his life was saved. I worked at Duke for over 20 years due to them caring for my brother and not his skin color. The_ second time was when my granddaughter went to the_ hospital and was never seen by the_ doctor, and the_ nurse came in and asked what was wrong and then came back with a cup of pills and expected her to take them. The_ family was present and demanded that the_ doctor come to see her but she refused and stated take the_ pills or nothing. The_ administration was contacted because the_ doctor was seen with her feet kicked u on the_ desk just talking and nothing more. The_ doctor was made to examine the_ patient and prescribe the_ antibiotic she needed to get well. All situations are not bad and health professional are not all bad. Healthcare is needed to continue to live a healthy life.