Enhancing Awareness of Diabetes Prevention Strategies Worksheet

Enhancing Awareness of Diabetes Prevention Strategies Worksheet

Enhancing Awareness of Diabetes Prevention Strategies Worksheet

Create 2 lesson plan by filling the attached template separetly and follow the instructions as attached … use the program plan attached as a reference.

my topic is about (Enhancing the awareness of diabetes prevention strategies in Hispanic communities within the US). the required lesson plans are 3. I have completed one of them ((attached) use it as an example. if you cannot do it don’t bid on it because I’m going to request a refund immediately if instructions weren’t followed.



HED 6/84063: Strategies in Health Education and Promotion



Health Topic:                                                                                                            Audience:

Lesson Title:

Total Time:                                                                                                   Lesson Number: ____/3


Step 1. Desired Results (What do you want participants to learn?): 10 points

  1. Health Education Standards performance indicator(s), HECAT, or Healthy People:


  1. Behavioral Objectives:


Step 2. Assessment Evidence (How will you evaluate what participants have learned?): 10 points


Performance tasks


Criteria for evaluating participant performance



Exceeds Proficiency  




Well Below Proficiency


Step 3. Active Learning Strategies (How will you teach the content?): 30 points

Steps for Facilitators Steps for Participants Time









  1. Materials: (What do you need to have for participants to engage in the lesson?)
  • Review your procedures for the lesson and list any materials that were used in the procedure (e.g., pencils, computer, scissors, worksheets, etc.).



  • At the end of your lesson, provide a PPT that includes the content you are teaching in this lesson, any handouts you will use, and the products you are evaluating (e.g., worksheets, checklists, etc.) with correct answers identified.


    • Number your slides in your PPT that you are attaching to the lesson.
    • The font in your PPT should be at least 28 point font please.
    • Print your PPT as a handout rather than full presentation slides.
    • Please put a title at the top of each handout or worksheet and use that name in your procedure.