Diversity in the Workplace Discussion

Diversity in the Workplace Discussion

Diversity in the Workplace Discussion

Evaluation Title: Diversity in the Workplace

For this assignment, you are asked to perform some research on the demographics and background of the workplace you will enter (or in which you will continue) after completing your education at Herzing. (Please note: If you are undecided about your field, are not planning on working after graduation, or fall into some other category, please pick a field that most interests you for the purposes of this assignment.)



Assignment Details: You are an employee at a company and you are tasked with helping to create a more inclusive and diverse culture. To do so, you must identify problems facing your workplace, and industry in general, and aim to create Points of Pride for your company.

These Points of Pride must be best practices that you create based on the research you’ve done regarding your chosen field. They should also reflect knowledge of best practices in terms of inclusive workplace practices from your research as well.

This assignment must have a minimum of 4 points of pride. For each individual Point of Pride please include the following:

Identified Problem

Point of Pride (Best practice that you will create to address the problem)

Ways to achieve the desired best practices (3-5 action items that can be taken to achieve the Point of Pride)

A brief rationale for your idea (Why do you think this will work?)

You are welcome to make this assignment as creative as you’d like either in style or content, and you are welcome to fill in details about your company as you see fit in order to explain your Points of Pride. (You may put your ideas into a chart format, use a Word document, include graphics, or present them in some other way. If you have questions, please contact your Instructor.)


For example:

Identified Problem: Some female employees feel intimidated to give presentations in front of the company because it’s 85% men. Female employees report that they sometimes feel that it’s an “old man’s club” at work, often not being invited to golf outings and other social events.

Point of Pride: Increased number of presentations given by women at both local and national conferences. Women report feeling more supported by their employer.

Action Items: Work-related social events expanded to include ideas generated by all employees. Employees were asked to put their ideas in a hat and the ideas were voted on at the monthly staff meetings. The employee whose idea was chosen received a nominal award for her contribution.


Rationale: This Point of Pride explicitly addresses a common complaint regarding workplace environments. Sometimes, it’s not the equality of work that’s a problem; rather, some of the extra items like social outings can lead a person to feel demoralized and not as part of the group. This specific activity helps to address this problem.


Please cite all sources/references in the APA format.