Developing an Academic and Professional Network

Developing an Academic and Professional Network

Developing an Academic and Professional Network

Please see attachment for further instructions. Example template in attachment as well which will make it easy for you to complete. Also in the week one assignment template I added actually academic and professional resources in it. Please just add to it. This is week 1 ONLY.

Nursing is a natural passion for me. It allows me to care for others, which is sown into the depths of my being. I believe it is beneficial to have an academic and professional network to obtain goals, have support and for career advancement. As I continue this journey to become a PMHNP, I know it will be important to collaborate and build relationships with others in this field of study and practice to gain success and to reduce some of the barriers I may experience if I’m not involved in networking systems.



I plan to network with my student success advisor, colleagues, peers, instructors and vendors through networking opportunities, volunteering, social and professional

interactions. As nurses and nursing students, it is important to use these opportunities

to learn from others and to build meaningful relationships (Wofford, 2018). Some

nursing students report experiencing challenges when trying to secure appropriate

preceptors for clinical rotations or practicum assignments. Networking connections can

alleviate some challenges and hardships individuals may experience when wanting to

achieve goals.

Many of us have heard the saying, “it’s about who you know” when wanting to

secure jobs or advance in other areas of life. Through networking opportunities, this

statement may be true. Professional networking is imperative for nursing career

advancement (Schmidt, n.d.). Having a strong network of academic and professional

individuals and teams will assist me as I transition into my new role as a new Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. The purpose of this template is to provide and remind me of the resources and strategies that have been beneficial in the past, as well as, to be a great tool for me while in this program.