Core Framework in Process of Curriculum Design Utilization Schroeder

Core Framework in Process of Curriculum Design Utilization Schroeder

Core Framework in Process of Curriculum Design Utilization Schroeder

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Discussion question1:Explain how the core framework is utilized in the process of curriculum design.

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Cooper’s Discussion Response1:

Core Framework in Process of Curriculum Design

The core framework is utilized in the process of curriculum design depending on the content being taught, the learners style, and the environment in which the subject is being taught. The educator develops a framework based on the learning outcomes which are desired. Simulation is a teaching strategy utilized in the nursing curriculum to provide education to learners. According to Masters, (2013), faculty are challenged to facilitate curriculum in a meaningful way which promotes optima achievement of student learning objectives. Educators are able to integrate simulation into the curriculum when a clinical experience is lacking or not possible. Simulation will provide students with experiences which may not be experienced during their clinical experiences. There will be some simulation courses which utilizes manikins, actors, technology which will be based on theory, and student objectives and outcomes. The curriculum development utilizes the three Cs Model which as stated by Kalb, (2009), which includes context which is creating respectful learning communities, conduct which is promoting the process of learning, and conduct which using technology to support learning. According to Kalb, (2009), utilizing the three Cs Model assists educators with developing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum and nursing programs offered at all degree levels and accreditations. Nurse educators should assist with developing curriculum to prepare students for gaining knowledge and skills to provide and deliver safe patient care.


Kalb, K.A. (2009). The three Cs Model: The context, content, and conduct of nursing education. Nursing Education Perspectives. Vol. 30., pp. 176-180.

Masters, K. (2013). Journey toward integration of simulation in a Baccalaureate Nursing Curriculum. Journal of Nursing Education. Vol. 53., pp. 102-104. DOI: 10.3928/01484834-20131209-03


Respond to the bottom postings should be approximately 100 words (about 1/2 page length) and include references. Need 2 References and in text citations should conform to the APA format.

Angela’s Discussion Response2:

Core Framework Utilization

When working on curriculum design there are many components that are used to help build and design the program. It is important to know what objectives are going to be for the course and use the core requirements that are required from regulating bodies for the program to know what the core components are needed to develop and incorporate more learning materials. According to the California Department of Education (2017) “Curriculum frameworks provide guidance for implementing the content standards adopted by the State Board of Education (SBE). Frameworks are developed by the Instructional Quality Commission, formerly known as the Curriculum Development and Supplemental Materials Commission” When a governing body of education is involved they help to set the core framework that is a must for the programs and then more materials are added to the program. According to Schroeder (2015) “curriculum core framework is part of an outcome-based education or standards based education reform design.” If we are using this core plan to develop the curriculum the these materials are the building blocks, and they point you in the direction as how to branch out and were to develop materials next. Currently nurses at Herzing in Madison are using the utilization of the core framework to put classes together and make sure the contents required for the program to help develop skills to grow up as each class is performed is helpful for the students to strengthen their skills. Since the framework is being used it will be helpful after the completion of the course to show if the outcomes are positive or not and areas where improvements can occur.


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USE the reference below and another 1 scholarly journal for the discussion question.

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