Community Health Windshield Survey Report Essay

Community Health Windshield Survey Report Essay

Community Health Windshield Survey Report Essay

Expand on the previous survey that was done as a group at the beginning of the semester, (September 2020).

The entire project should be 10 -12 pages in length, double space the document and must be

submitted through Turnitin. The percentage of the report should be no more than 15%.

You may use peer review articles, direct communication with members of the

community, or researched articles. It must be in the APA format.

Attached please find 1. The previous survey that was completed in September that our professor wants us to expand on.

2. A breakdown of the community assessment paper guidelines


Windshield Survey

Conducting a community survey / assessment aids in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs. An assessment can reveal what the community lacks, areas in which improvement will be beneficial for the health of the population. A windshield survey is an informal method used by community health nurses to obtain basic foundational knowledge about a given community.  It provides a subjective view of the various physical characteristics of a communal area as observed while driving or walking through a neighborhood.

 SURVEY DATE: September 20, 2020

COMMUNITY NAME and LOCATION: Riverwalk Subdivision, Decatur, GA.

The population observed was predominantly African American, with some Hispanic, Asian and a small percentage of Caucasians. The community is a multi- unit subdivision comprising of single-family homes, townhomes which are located at the entrance of the community and lots of apartment buildings at the back of the community. A diverse group are residentially located at the entrance, with highest concentration of African American, residents at the center of Riverwalk and other groups dispersed throughout the community with a concentration of non-Caucasian residents in the apartment buildings. Racial and ethnic characteristics of the community are most evident. The houses in community are well taken care of, several freshly painted houses were evident, lawns well maintained, and shrubs evenly trimmed. The apartment building appears to be in a decent condition, I would guess that they are about 15-20 years old. The front of the apartment building looks well maintained, while the far back is completely distressed, garbage were strewn  all over, abandoned cars were visible, several heaps of trash bags were randomly placed by the fence at the very back of the buildings which seemed to attack  rodents and other wildlife.

Overall, majority of the houses had at least two vehicles while, the residents at the apartment building had one or none to each unit. There are multiply bus stations located within walking distance from the community. Taxi services like Uber and Lyft were seen waiting eagerly as drivers stood outside their vehicles at the local grocery store, the neighbor farmers market, the community barber shop by the name of  “Fresh Cut” and their friendly laundry mat that read “ keep it clean”. In the distance the sound of trains passing was audible. Pentecostal, Baptist, a Synagogue and Catholic churches were throughout the community. Mary M. Bethune Elementary and St. Stephen High School was approximately 15 minutes from Riverwalk community. However, several head start programs were within walking distance or 5 to 10 minutes from the community.

The play area does not look like it was well maintained, there were trash everywhere and most of the playground equipment’s were broken. There was no community center but, a library with peeling paint and overgrown shrubs and massive tree roots visible to the left of the community. The neighborhood movie theatre is called AMC. It is located inside the North DeKalb Mall in Decatur which is 20 minutes from the Riverwalk community. The AMC North DeKalb 16 movie theatre offers an exciting moviegoing experience with 16 auditoriums. This contemporary theater supports premium formats like Real 3D and features special amenities such as remote ticketing, wheelchair access and a full-service menu.  One of the highest popular places to hang out in Decatur is the Waffle House Museum. It is the site of the very first Waffle House restaurant which was established in 1955 and is opened 24-hour per day.

A windshield survey is conducted from a car and provides a visual overview of a community. The detailed information gathered from said survey shows that the Riverwalk community is in dire need of a middle school, community center and access to health facility.