Chinese System Medicine Discussion

Chinese System Medicine Discussion

Chinese System Medicine Discussion

there are two questions that need to be answered both need to be 300-500 words.

In this discussion, please frame your comments around your thoughts as I introduce you to other ways of thinking about health. On your “trip” to China, what interested you? What surprised you? Discuss the healthcare implications of the surgery we witnessed.



Also, discuss what you saw in the second video. With the focus more on what you would see in the United States. How surprised are you there are systems of medicine, health and healing totally different from the United States?

Each post should be a thoughtful post, 300-500 words in length

The discussion in this unit is linked with the video presentation from Jean Kilbourne called “Killing us Softly.” In it, she demonstrates advertising in the United States, and how American women (specifically young women in their teens or younger) are targeted. Based on the presentation, please discuss the following (300-500 words):

Was there something in the presentation that particularly shocked you? What are some of the potential effects (physical, emotional, mental) on girls and women of trying to live up to our culture’s manufactured ideal image of beauty? What is the relationship between cultural ideals of thinness and the cultural obsession with dieting? With eating disorders?…